1 Angel Number Meaning & Symbolism

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Of all the angel numbers in this Universe, when the number 1 appears in your life, it is a sign of incredible power and positivity, great good fortune. It is the number of leaders, influencers, and those that create, follow and trust their path.

1 Angel Number is one of the most influential and potent angel numbers you can see in your life! It signifies the start of new things, a powerful sense of personal power, leadership, inspiration, hope, and happiness and bodes well in every aspect of your life.

The singular nature of this number is pure energy, focus, desire, optimism, intention, self-belief, intuition, and the start of new things and paths to a life more extraordinary than you could have dreamed.

1 Angel Number – Singular Is Rare

Many people see angel numbers like two, three, or four digits, all appearing as messages and symbols, and each of those numbers is, in essence, diluted with its partners.

So the number 14, for example, carries the energy of both number 1 and number 4, but the mix of those two diminishes each against the other. A singular digit appearing in your life is rare and very powerful.

It augurs all the power and energy of that singular digit and is a clear-cut energy conduit from your higher self, angels, and guides that you are now manifesting the core elements of that number in your life.

If you are seeing the number 1 constantly, that is a wake-up call of immense proportions, and it’s a sign to pay attention for everything you have wanted, worked for, and dreamed of is now ready to enter your life.

1 Angel Number


1 Angel Number – The Power Of One

The appearance of the number 1 signifies the individual and the uniqueness that each of us brings to this world, which so very few ever truly express. This is the number of the leader, the trail-blazer, and one that has command and control over every aspect of their lives.

People that fall under this number are often innovators and don’t do well with others telling them what they should do or how they should do it. They are independent and usually found in leadership positions in business or sport.

This number signifies ambition, determination, an inherent self-belief, a clear vision, and how they want to create and live it. If you have been in a less-than-ideal life situation, the appearance of the number 1 is the sign of breaking free and letting go of negative blocks and people that are holding you back.

Many people who possess these qualities are hard workers and spend a lot of their time pursuing success in this area of life, but may sacrifice other spaces such as love and relationships, leading to a rather lonely and isolated existence.

1 Angel Number – New Beginnings

You often see this number when you are thinking of starting something new, and if you do see it, this is an undeniable sign that you are on the right path and should proceed post-haste!

This can manifest as a new business endeavor, new relationship, or personal creative project like writing a book, releasing music or starting a blog, or some other activity that you have been itching to do but never got around to it.

The emergence of Angel number 1 can also signify a new job or opportunity and perhaps even a move to a new city or country. It can also relate to a new relationship or taking your existing one to the next level.

This can mean a deeper connection and commitment between partners, the heralding of a new addition to the family, whether a child or new pet or a more intense level of affection.

1 Angel Number – New Beginnings

1 Angel Number – Listen To Yourself

Above all, the number 1 is a clear message that you need to pay greater attention to your thoughts and feelings, and it is a reminder to release negative concepts and focus only on the positive.

You are what you think and feel, so becoming more conscious and aware of those thoughts and feelings is a critical aspect of evolving to a higher vibrational state, which will bring you great rewards and abundance.

It is also a warning against selfishness, greed, and the material trappings of success, as these are the inverse properties of the number 1. So while you can celebrate success, wealth, and achievement, there is a clear and dire warning to remain humble and grateful.

When you see the number 1, it reinforces your belief in yourself, which has led you to this point. It is also a reminder that while some people fear the change that new chapters may bring, you don’t need to be afraid and react with trepidation or hesitation.

This is full throttle and all ahead with the same belief and conviction that got you to this point, taking you along this exciting new path you have created and worked for.

This number may also appear when you need to make changes, and it is confirmation that the choice to make those changes is the right one and that you should proceed without doubts or concerns to implement and embrace those changes, as they are for the better.

1 Angel Number – Listen To Yourself

1 Angel Number – The Number 1 In The Tarot

The number 1 in the Tarot is represented by one of the most potent icons – The Magician. This person is not a trickster or illusionist but someone who has mastered the elements and can use them to create the path and the life they want.

The number 1 embodies all the characteristics of the Magician. Confidence, mastery of self, alignment with a higher purpose, balance between Heaven and Earth, humility, independence, authority, and an unwavering vision.

Because this is a number of destiny, it means that you have the power to change your path as and when you choose and according to where your focus lies at any given time. The Universe is flexible, and no choices are set in stone.

With power comes responsibility, and power misused will have consequences the same as power used for good will have consequences too.

The Magician comes after The Fool. While the Fool sets out on his quest with an innocent and unwavering faith that all will be ok, the Magician creates a plan and structure for his life path and works tirelessly to develop the skills and execute the plan to achieve success.

The appearance of the Number 1 in your life reveals that your plan is about to come to fruition, and the single-minded perseverance and focus that has brought you to the brink of success is needed for those last few steps.

This number sends the message that your self-belief is strong and all you have followed has been correct, so continue on that path to achieve your goals.

Like most cards in the Tarot, the Magician provides a service to others and humanity, which may well be a sign that you can use your success, knowledge, and experience to help relieve the suffering of others.

Whether for people, animals, or the environment, the balance between receiving and giving must be honored in the spiritual realm to manifest the deeper purpose behind your life.

The 1 Angel Number In Relationships

People that have the characteristics of the number 1 in relationships may find it difficult to relate to and rely on others.

This can make relationships difficult for a partner, and if this number appears at a time when your relationship is at a crossroads, then it may be a sign that this relationship is ending or that it is going to attain a new level.

It could be a message that it is time to embrace the new and leave the past behind, and this often signifies that the existing relationship has evolved into a better version, and past blocks and issues have been resolved.

The 1 Angel Number – A Reminder To Be Grateful

The number 1 appears at a time when you have put in the work and are ready to reap the blessings, but it is also a reminder to stay humble, and that means expressing gratitude and appreciation.

Often, at the achievement of goals, the ego can become overactive. Instead of remembering the journey and the sacrifices, we can become captivated by the trappings of success and forget our integrity.

Appreciate what you have, be grateful for what you have, and appreciate those who have supported you in achieving those goals. Pay tribute and acknowledge them, and don’t become arrogant or selfish.

Arrogance and greed are the inverse energies of the number 1, and very often, people that achieve success and go this route find themselves having to pick up and start again. Angel number 1 carries all the trappings of wealth, power, and success, but equally so the warning against the temptation of selfishness.

The 1 Angel Number – A Reminder To Be Grateful

1 Angel Number – A Clean Slate

The number 9 indicates the end of cycles and closure, so the number 1 marks the beginning of new things. It also speaks of a clean slate, meaning that past issues have been resolved, past lessons learned, and past karmic ribbons burned.

The chapter past has closed, and a fresh new start awaits, whether it is a new job or position, a new house or location, a new relationship, or a better version of the old one.

The number 1 is a message to grab this opportunity with both hands and not to dwell on the past or spend time looking back with regret. This will delay and hinder you from moving into this new life.

It is a reminder that you have worked hard to achieve this new cycle, and very often, the work is done on ourselves, taking more time to become self-aware and release negative patterns.

There are only a few times in your life when you get to have a clean slate to start anew, so you need to appreciate the magnitude of this time and not waste the opportunity.

The appearance of the number 1 is the sign of a merging or confluence of heavenly and earthly energies and constitutes a major shift in your life that should not be ignored and that your guides and angel are with you and supporting you fully.

People who see the number one may often feel alone as their single-mindedness leads to them being alone. Still, the appearance of the number 1 should bring comfort as it reveals unequivocally that your angels and guides are with you, always have been, and always will be.

1 Angel Number – Be Open To Receiving

The laws of manifesting tell us that you need to be open to receiving what you want, and the number 1 is a reminder to allow yourself to receive all the gifts and blessings you have worked so hard for.

There is a balance between the energies of creation and manifestation, and you have done the hard yards in terms of your vision and plan; now, you need to be open to those energies flowing back to you.

Do not expect them to materialize in a certain way, but allow yourself to be surprised by the gifts and how they come and know that they will go and it will be more than what you expected.

As per the card of the Magician, the number 1 is a confirmation that the symbiosis between your focus and vision and the energies of manifestation has been successful, and it is a powerful demonstration that an individual that can create and sustain an idea and execute their plan, can achieve success and create the life they want.


The singular digit numbers hold the most powerful messages and resonances of all the Angel numbers. The number 1 is the first number in the sequence and signifies individual power, achievement, success, focus, vision, and independence.

This number is validation for you and that your success is imminent and all you need to get there is to maintain your course and speed, your vision and commitment, and you will find that every aspect of your life will change for the better the power of 1.

Lisa is the founder of mindfulness and justice. She has practiced and studied numerology for the past 8 years and has now started to share her passion and knowledge.

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