1114 Angel Number Meaning & Symbolism

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The 1114 angel number is one of the more complex numbers that may appear. The appearance of the number 1 three times and the number 4 has great significance, and where you see this number appearing, it is a positive message, but also one that has some warning to it.

This number relates to the release and conquer of fear and the creation and manifestation of our true desires in your life. The number also indicates that you need to pay attention to your spirituality and trust, grow, heed your intuition and trust yourself in your decisions.

This number may appear when there is great stress or fear in your life, and you are in danger of succumbing to those negative energies, which could result in poor and destructive choices. Let’s break down the number 1114 and understand its compelling meaning.

1114 Angel Number – The Quadrate Combination

There are four distinct parts to the number, and they are the number 1, the number 11, the number 111, and the number 4, and these form the quadrate number 1114. This makes this angel number so intriguing and why you should be mindful of its meaning if you see it around you.

1114 Angel Number

1114 Angel Number – The Number 1

The number 1 is the first number in this quadrate and the first in the sequence of 9 natural numbers. It is the number of creation, individuality, and the unified creative force and signifies the emergence of new things, new beginnings, and new paths.

This number will often appear when you have been working through difficult times and maybe at a point when you are ready to give up. But, the appearance of the number 1114 is the sign that you are very, very close to your goal and that you need to persevere.

People often give up on the verge of great success and achievement, and the number 1114 and the energy of the number 1 are all about perseverance and seeing things through to the end.

The Number 1 In The Tarot

The number 1 in the Tarot is the number of the Magician, and this is a potent individual indeed. The Magician has mastery over the four elements in the card itself and is the conduit and connection between Heaven and Earth.

The mantra “As Above, So Below “refers to that created in Heaven is made on Earth, and this number is the divine number of creation. For an individual, this also means that there is the power to create the life you choose, but the warning lies here.

The Magician has the power to be both good and evil, and the choice between the two is solely dependent on the level of fear that is allowed. The number 1114 will often appear when you are fighting with anxiety, and for many people who see this number, the battle with fear and doubt is daily.

After years of this, the person may become weary and lose hope that the end of this battle will ever come, and so they may start to surrender to the fear and the damaging elements it brings with it.

The number 1114 appears just when that surrender is imminent, and if this is you, then that is a sign that victory is in sight and that you need to keep going with renewed faith and belief and not falter at this last step.

It indicates that this is the final section of this journey and that all you have overcome and struggled against is about to be conquered finally and that the relief from the battle and laying down of weapons is imminent.

The repetition of the number 1 is a triple reminder and reinforcement of the Magician’s power to choose their path and destiny and that that choice can be changed at any time, and you have that power to change or select a different way if the one you have is not working for you.

The Magician does not require the opinions nor validations of others to make these changes, and neither do you, for they have absolute self-belief and conviction in the wisdom of their choices. So this number is a sign for you to believe in yourself and your intuition.

The Number 1 In The Tarot


1114 Angel Number – The Number 11

The number 11 is one of love, relationships, and harmony with your significant other. The appearance of the number 11 shows two number 1’s standing side by side, indicating the coming together of two individuals in mutual respect and honor of each other.

This is not a relationship of dependence, but one where two people have worked for many years to understand that they do not require others to be happy but only require another to be able to share their happiness.

This is where two people come together to grow exponentially in a positive, productive, and harmonious environment where the respect for individuality and choice is honored and not feared.

When you see the number 1114, it signifies that you are either about to meet someone similar to you or that your current relationship is about to undergo a fundamental change in its core dynamic. You will experience greater levels of joy and happiness in the future. Where there is a lot of fear or insecurity in your relationship, the appearance of the number 1114 may signify the end of it as you release your fears and insecurities.

Often these relationships are based on control and jealousy, which are the negatives in the dynamics between people, and this may be resolved for the relationship to evolve.

However, most often, this will mean that you have found the strength to release yourself as your sense of self-value improves and you understand that this energy no longer serves you.

The Number 11 In The Tarot

The number 11 represents Justice, and in its positive state, this number is about triumph and fairness. It may indicate that a matter is about to be resolved in your favor or that a protracted battle will end with a positive outcome.

Again, the theme of perseverance permeates this number, an energy that is consistent with the number 1114 and the number 1. It is about NEVER EVER giving up no matter how high the odds seem stacked against you and knowing that perseverance will bring the reward you seek; you simply need to have faith and believe in yourself.

1114 Angel Number – The Number 111

This number is the number of enlightenment and self-mastery, which ties back to the original number 1 and the Magician in the Tarot. The number 111 refers again to your intuition and the need to trust and believe in yourself.

Self-mastery is not achievable without these qualities, and the Magician knows this inherently. While times may be difficult, there is a deep-seated sense of self-belief and trust in his abilities and power.

The number 111 represents great good fortune, luck, abundance, joy, peace, and the attainment of an enlightened state of being that is achieved through perseverance and persistence.

This part of the quadrate of 1114 is the pinnacle of the energy of the number 1 as it reinforces the qualities of this number for the third time, and that is no coincidence.

When the number 1114 appears in your life, it symbolizes imminent achievement and victory over the battle with fear and the evolution to a higher, more positive vibrational state of existence – and the repeating message to not quit!

1114 Angel Number – The Number 111

1114 Angel Number – The Number 4

The final element of this quadrate angel number is the number 4. Four is the number of stability and balancing of the four elements in a constructive and productive configuration.

It conveys the sense of purpose, meaning, and self-fulfillment that comes when you trust your intuition and learn to allow those impulses and thoughts to emerge unobstructed and without judgment.

The resonance of stability reflects in all areas of your life, from work to relationships, and often this number comes after periods where instability and conflict have been present.

But the perseverance inherent with the number 1 and the triple reinforcement of this vibration has led to the favorable resolution and the reestablishment of greater stability.

The Number 4 In The Tarot

The number 4 represents powerful masculine energy in The Emperor’s card, which is the energy of assertive stability. The Emperor believes in himself and knows and trusts his decisions in all aspects of his kingdom.

The number four is stable with solid foundations and indicates the mastery over self to rule with fairness and objectivity. Stability results from perseverance and the knowledge that victory will come with effort and focus.

The number four has many resonances with the natural world, like the four seasons. While each brings its character, the combination of those four seasons results in balanced and abundance for the Earth and all living creatures upon it.

As a ruler in your world, you need to understand that the seasons and energies flow throughout the year. By allowing and appreciating each for itself, balance and stability will rule uninterrupted.

The Emperor is ruled by his head, not his heart, but this allows for a proper and clear perspective and the ability of King Solomon to make informed decisions for the benefit of all.

The Emperor indicates wealth and power, and herein lies the warning to remain humble because we know that power corrupts. If you should choose to allow your ego to rule and forget the struggle and obstacles you overcame to achieve this status, you will be doomed to lose what you have gained and end up back where you started.

There is a second great lesson to be learned with the appearance of Angel Number 1114: humility and gratitude for what you have and never take this for granted, for that leads back to fear, fear of losing what you have, and that mindset can set you back and cost you dearly.

1114 Angel Number – The Number 7

Yes, the number 7 does not appear in this quadrate. Still, if you add the numbers together, they add up to the number 7, and the number 7 is a very powerful number related to spirituality and good fortune, which is why the JACKPOT number is three 7’s!

Seven is the number of magic, creativity, inner wisdom, self-mastery, intuition, mysticism, and balance over the energies of Heaven and Earth. It is one of the most influentially significant and uplifting numbers, and the fact that this angel number 1114 adds up to the number 7 is no coincidence either.

You see, if you consider all the elements of this Angel number 1114, the reoccurrence of the number 1 and the number 4, all of them illustrate that the path of self-mastery, abundance, joy, and fulfillment lie when even in the darkest times, you do not give up, nor entertain thoughts of surrender.

Like the Magician, you have absolute self-belief, and like the Emperor, you assert that self-belief regardless of what others may think or believe.

In the Tarot, 7 is the number of the Chariot, and the Charioteer does not hold the reins of the two creatures drawing the Chariot. He knows that he will reach his destination safely by allowing and trusting the black and the white Sphinx-like creatures.

This is symbolic of the trust you need to have in your ability and intuition and allow it to guide you without interference. You will achieve your goals and aspirations with all the support and guidance you will ever need.

1114 Angel Number – The Number 7


Pay attention when you see this number for it is a positive sign , but it also needs you to be aware of and heed the warnings it brings too. They are not meant to scare you at all, but to make you aware of the risks and pitfalls that lie ahead where choices are made from fear and insecurity.

The appearance of Angel number 1114 indicates the end of a struggle and the overcoming of fears and doubts. Still, perseverance and self-belief become more critical before victory is finally achieved.

Lisa is the founder of mindfulness and justice. She has practiced and studied numerology for the past 8 years and has now started to share her passion and knowledge.

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