114 Angel Number Meaning & Symbolism

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You wake up at 1.14 am, or you see your car mileage counter is 114 miles, and these numbers keep appearing in your life; they are a sign from your angels and guides. These numbers are specific and relevant to you right now, and you should be paying attention.

The 114 angel number has a double resonance and influence of the number 1, representing new opportunities, ideas, hard work, focus, and achievement. The number 4 represents stability, structure, order, and success, and seeing this number is a very positive sign.

The angel number 114 also has 11 and 14 as part of it, and these numbers have similar positive meanings for every aspect of your life. Let’s dissect the individual numbers and the combinations to see what the angel number 114 has in store for you.

114 Angel Number – The Number 1

The number 1 is a supremely powerful number representing independence, personal power, achievement, and focus. Above all is the number that conveys the start of new things and the ending of the old ones.

It often appears when you have been struggling to release old patterns and relationships, move away from toxic work environments, or have been seeking to evolve those situations into better and more positive ones.

114 Angel Number

The Number 1 – Evolution & Resolution

The number one does not necessarily mean the actual end of any specific area or dynamic but rather an end to the situation in its current form. It often signifies an evolution or resolution to a better version rather than an ending.

The number 1 is the first step on the new path and an understanding that the patterns and ways that served you before this time no longer serve you and need to either evolve to the next phase of your life or move out.

As you change and evolve, everything you are connected to must do the same; this is the core of the principle that states’ As Above, So Below, and this is a law that governs all things. It is the principle of energy that regulates manifestation from intention and focus.

Conscious Creation And Manifestation

When you shift your focus and attention, all in your life must change with it; there is no other way. But remember that the number 1 speaks of intention, consciousness, and awareness, so this shift is not accidental nor out of your control.

It is brought about by will, determination, perseverance, and an unwavering dedication to the achievement of tasks and goals set by you. It is a validation of your choices, sacrifices, and resolve and a sign that the rewards you have worked hard for are imminent- you simply need to keep going.

The Number Of Discipline And The Magician

In the Tarot, the number 1 is the Magician’s card, and this is not some street trickster but someone who has invested a great deal of time and energy in learning an art that will lead to them becoming successful in that chosen field.

This is the number of a person who has chosen not to go out and party, but rather sees the bigger picture and future vision of success and achievement and has decided to sacrifice and succeed.

This path requires discipline and an unwavering commitment despite challenges. Still, there is also a well of strength and ambition that drives this individual to succeed and persist where many others would not.

If you see angel number 114, you are very near the end of your journey, and around the successive corners lies everything you have dreamed of and worked for your whole life.

Suppose you are seeing this number when you feel like throwing in the towel because it seems that nothing is working. In that case, this number is a clear and definite sign that EVERYTHING is coming together exactly as you had planned it – and that little extra push and effort is all that is needed to realize it.

The Number Of Discipline And The Magician

The Significance Of The Double 1 – The Number 11

The fact that the number 1 repeats itself and is the first number as highly significant reinforces all the properties and characteristics of this number and creates a new number, 11. It is a profoundly spiritual number, and it brings the energy of great creativity and individual expression.

This number speaks of greatness, and more importantly, it signifies a connection to a higher spiritual realm and intuition and suggests that you need to pay more attention to your divine calling and purpose.

The number 11 is the card of Justice in the Tarot. This represents a balanced, logical mind with powerful abilities to analyze and review issues in a clear and unemotionally. It also clearly speaks of battles or conflicts that will work out in your favor.

These can be external or internal battles, but the result will be favorable to you as you have maintained your clarity of purpose and focus throughout the journey and not been tempted to resort to unethical or illegal methods to achieve your goals- and in that, there is great reward.

This card also represents a leader of great vision and clarity of vision that can inspire that same passion in others and lead them in service to humanity.

The number 1 represents people that often put their personal lives aside in pursuit of success and can experience great loneliness and isolation; the number 114 may often point to new areas of opportunity, perhaps a new person in your life or new opportunities at work that may involve a relocation to a new city, state or even country.

While there may be some hesitation in uprooting and moving, the number 114 tells you that all will be well and that you are supported in your life and this new exciting chapter.

The Number 14 In 114 Angel Number

The complexity of angel number 114 is further illustrated by the number 14, which shows that your angels and guides are present and working with you to resolve the current situation successfully and move on to the next new phase of your life.

This number uses the energy and practicality of the number 4 and the drive and ambition of the number 1 to achieve greatness and success.

We will look at the number 4 in greater detail shortly. Still, you need to know and trust that the angel number 114 brings excellent good fortune, the resolution of existing conflict, and the creation of a new and higher level of vibrational existence. You should be open to this with everything you have.

Believe and know that all is well and working out far better than you imagined. With continued growing belief in yourself, your vision, and the power of your ambition and focus, keep going to see it through to completion, no matter how tough it may seem.

114 Angel Number- The Number 4

The number four has powerful connections and resonances to the world’s natural order, the four seasons, four weeks in a month, and the four elements working together in harmony to create the world as we know it.

The appearance of the number 4 is not a coincidence either. It is the eternal message that all elements are essential to success and are part of the natural way of things – As Above, So Below is a common association with the number 4.

Above all else, the number 4 represents the energy of stability. This happens when all the forces in your life are balanced and working in harmony with a focus and intention that has created them. You cannot achieve this state of harmonious existence without balance, and in our modern world, this often refers to the ratio between work and home, rest and exercise, food and water.

The number 4 in angel number 114 tells you that your life is coming into balance and a time of excellent stability and prosperity as these are the rewards.

This balance extends to that between the physical and the spiritual.

If you feel imbalanced in one area, angel number 114 tells you that the success you seek awaits you when you have achieved the balance and need to pay more attention to areas in your life that are not balanced.

The Number 4 In The Tarot

This number is the card of the Emperor. A superbly powerful masculine icon shows an individual who rules over his dominion with authority, confidence, and fairness. At the same time, it has implemented significant structures and disciplines to ensure the stability of this empire.

This is, of course, a metaphor as it will be your own life that you hold dominion over and the choices and decisions therein. Still, it demonstrates a person with a deep trust in themselves with balanced intuition and logic working in harmony and balance for the best possible outcome.

The number 4 is also associated with the business. If you have been working on or thinking about starting your own business, then this number 114 is validation that it is time to launch your business and be a success.

The Emperor has considered and planned the strategy of rule for some time and is now ascended to his deserved throne, and this is the energy that the number 114 brings to your life at this time.

The double resonance of the number 1 brings all the focus and personal power, vision, independence, and perseverance. In contrast, the number 4 delivers the stability and balance to create the life you have envisioned for so long.

The Number 4 In The Tarot

Heed The Warnings

With every number, contrasting polarity exists, and those warnings should not be ignored nor taken lightly, as this would bring about the failure and destruction of all you have worked for. The inverse of the number is selfishness, arrogance, and greed, which is echoed by the number 4 and the Magician and the Emperor.

With these numbers carrying so much power and energy, there is the accompanying warning: remember how you achieved your success and remain humble and connected to your purpose.

The energies that bring stability, prosperity, and success can also lead to failure, impoverishment, loss, and destruction if the trappings of the material world are allowed to dominate the mindset.

Manipulation and control over others can cloud the fair mind and cause decisions and perspectives to be confused with the fear of loss. When the focus shifts to power and money, the soul’s integrity is lost or destroyed, and there are countless tales of kings and empires that have crumbled under the weight of such actions and the drastic consequences they bring.

114 Angel Number – Stay Positive

Seeing angel number 114 is a sign of staying positive and not allowing any negative thoughts, ideas, or people to corrupt or create doubt within you around your beliefs and goals.

It also tells you that you have support from the higher energies and that you should remove any negative influences in your life, whether it be thoughts or people, for they do not support nor align with your greater purpose.

You have worked too hard and too long to get to this point, and, as mentioned earlier, you may be at the moment when you are considering giving up, where you start to doubt whether your choices were correct as you have not seen the results yet and are questioning whether you ever will.

YOU WILL, and angel number 114 tells you that every choice you made was correct. Your faith and trust in your abilities and intuition will pay off, and now it is about that final stretch to victory.

It is a clear and powerful message not to give up but to persevere with the same focus and intention that got you to this point.

You are tantalizingly close to realizing and achieving your dreams, and all you need now is to believe in yourself and your angels.

114 Angel Number – Stay Positive



Seeing Angel Number 114 is a validation that your guides and angels are with you, supporting you and guiding you on this final stage as you prepare to become the person you know you are and to have the life you know you deserve.

It is the culmination of all you have worked for and dreamed of, and that time is finally here. Do not give up on it your determination and conviction that have brought you to this point, to the final few steps before you cross the finish to success, joy, and abundance.

Lisa is the founder of mindfulness and justice. She has practiced and studied numerology for the past 8 years and has now started to share her passion and knowledge.

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