118 Angel Number Meaning & Symbolism

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118 Angel Number

Don’t be concerned if you keep seeing a certain number wherever you look. It’s nothing strange, and it’s not a coincidence – it’s your angels’ way of sending you important messages from the Divine.

For example, if you leave your house and notice a number on a wall, and then look at your phone and see the same number, it means that your angels are trying to communicate with you. They use different ways to communicate, such as placing a feather in your path or speaking to you in a dream; however, most often, they use numbers because we notice them more easily.

It’s a good idea to pay attention to the messages you are receiving and open your heart to the wisdom of the angels.

If the number you’re repeatedly seeing is 118 angel number, it means your angels are letting you know that you’re entering a new phase of life. This new era will similarly attract new people, mentors, and opportunities into your life. 

The energy this number carries will uplift you to a new level of vibration too, so it’s altogether a good number to receive. Be aware that the people you meet during this period will be pivotal in your growth process going forward. 

118 angel number will transform your life with the energy of success, abundance, prosperity, and wealth. 

This number usually appears as a sign of hope when you’ve been struggling financially. It’s reminding you to place your faith in the Divine and trust that everything will work out as it should.

Let go of all your worries about lack and affirm that you will always have enough to meet your needs. 

This increase in financial abundance goes hand in hand with an increase in your personal growth. The Universe is letting you know that focusing on your self-development will lead you down the path to prosperity.

118 Angel Number

Why am I seeing 118 angel number?

You are seeing 118 angel number because the Universe wants you to know that you have the ability to achieve your goals, you just need to have more faith in your skills. There are wonderful opportunities just waiting for you to grab hold of them. 

You are seeing number 118 as your angels’ way of reminding you that it’s very important to maintain a positive attitude about your future. That doesn’t mean that you should never allow yourself to feel sad, angry, or disappointed; rather, it means that you shouldn’t allow periods of sadness and disappointment to bring your spirit down and suck out your hope. 

Your angels are sending you this number because they are calling on you to choose life and hope over despair and negativity. 

Spiritually – 118 angel number meaning 

Spiritually, the 118 angel number is associated with a deep connection to the Divine. When 118 angel number starts appearing in your life, it indicates that you have the potential to manifest a great spiritual transformation. 

Spiritually speaking, 118 angel number is a message from the Universe to purge your life of all unnecessary, weighted energy; for example, negative people, situations, beliefs, and thoughts that are holding you back and weighing you down. 

This is what your angels want for you. They want you to be happy, fulfilled, open, and receptive to love. And to do this, you first have to clear out all the old and outdated elements. 

If certain people start resisting these changes, you may have to lovingly release them from your life.

Spiritually – 118 angel number meaning 

118 angel number meaning in love

In terms of love, 118 angel number is a sign of new beginnings. This can either be referring to a new start within your relationship or, sometimes, a new relationship completely, whether you’re single or not. 

Through this number, your angels are encouraging you to open your heart to new situations and people. 

If you’re in a relationship, the 118 angel number can be a sign that renewal is necessary. Perhaps you’ve allowed things between you to become stagnant or hostile. 

If so, then this number is the Universe’s way of urging you to put all your energy into reigniting the passion and love in your relationship.

You are being called to be vulnerable enough to show your love wholeheartedly and to devote time to love, including to self-love. 

Do you neglect yourself and deny your feelings for the benefit of others? If this is true for you, your angels are asking you to give yourself permission to love yourself more.

If you are single, prepare yourself because the 118 angel number is a sign that you will soon meet the lover you’ve been looking for for a long time. This person will offer you everything that you need and more.

118 angel number meaning in numerology

Altogether, 118 angel number carries the energy of spirituality, positivity, connection with the higher self, karma, and new beginnings. Let’s consider the energy of numbers 1, 11, 8, and 10 (118 reduces to 10: 1+1+8=10) alone to fully understand the numerology behind 118 angel number. 

Number 10 is associated with new beginnings, and when it starts showing up in your life, your angels are warning you that you are about to enter a new phase of your life. 

Number 1 holds the energy of leadership and originality, and it brings opportunities and prosperity into your life. 

Number 8 is all about manifesting wealth and the law of attraction. It also vibrates with wisdom, confidence, and service. Your angels are sending you this number as a way to encourage you to have more belief in your abilities. 

It often appears when you’re lacking confidence and are full of self-doubt. It’s a reminder from the Universe that you are good enough and more than capable. You just have to believe it too.

An 8 is also sometimes a message to develop your empathy and be more compassionate when dealing with others. 

Perhaps the Universe is calling on you to be more giving to others and look for ways to be of service. You could volunteer your time at a charity or even help out family members or friends who are in need in some way. 

The presence of master number 11 in this number sequence is significant because master numbers are considered extremely powerful in numerology; they have much more influence than the other numbers. 

The master numbers are 11, 22, and 33 and master number 11 is thought to be the root of all the other master numbers. It’s associated with intuition, intense spiritual insight, empathy, and even psychic abilities. 

When a master number 11 appears in your life it’s usually connected to your soul’s mission on earth or discovering your true purpose. Your life will be infused with the energy of inspiration and enlightenment via this angel number.

Draw on this intense energy to release all the baggage and negativity you’ve been holding onto from the past, and use it to inspire you to look forwards with a positive attitude and find ways to be of service. 

Your angels are reminding you that you don’t have to stress over your current situation because nothing is permanent in this life. This situation is temporary, and just as life naturally moves from cycle to cycle, so will you move out of your current situation and into a new one. The flow of life is endless.

The Universe wants you to have patience and not become discouraged by setbacks. Your angels are with you and supporting you, especially during difficult times. 

Take this number as a sign that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and all will be well soon.

118 angel number meaning in numerology

118 angel number meaning for twin flames

A twin flame is someone whom you have a powerful karmic bond with. When you meet your twin flame, it’s a major event that will ultimately change your life.

For twin-flame connections, 118 angel number is a sign that your bond is growing deeper and stronger. Via this number, you are essentially receiving affirmation from the Divine that your angels are supporting this relationship and helping you along the way. 

Your twin-flame relationship will teach you a lot about yourself – both the positive and negative aspects and in this way, it will help your spiritual journey too.

118 angel number meaning for twin flames

118 angel number meaning in the Bible

Although number 118 doesn’t feature much as a whole, the numbers 1, 8, and 11 do feature throughout the Bible.

In the scriptures, the number 1 is a symbol of wholeness and unity. It represents God’s supreme power and singularity, and it’s a reminder that there is one God and that we are all connected as one. 

It’s also a symbol of the connection between God and Jesus as is evident in John 10:30. Similarly, through Jesus’ singular sacrifice, he ensured all our sins could be forgiven.

Number 8 also features in the Bible as a sign of hope, new beginnings, and a brighter future. It is associated with the resurrection of Christ because he was resurrected and ascended into heaven on the 8th day. He also appeared to Mary Magdalene and others 8 times before he ascended. 

Number 11 represents chaos and responsibility. In Genesis 11 it says that people rebelled against God and then had to face the consequences and were held responsible for their actions. Number 11 often shows up to remind you that you need to be responsible for your own actions too. 

118 angel number meaning in your career

118 angel number is a sign that you should start to look for a new direction for your career or look for a way to reinvent yourself in your current career. Decide on a direction you want to go in and then commit to it with confidence without allowing anything or anyone to stand in your way.

Number 118 is a sign of freedom when it comes to work. Perhaps you’ve been craving more personal freedom and autonomy, but you’ve been reluctant to do anything about it. 

If this resonates with you, then the 118 angel number is a sign that you should look for ways to find more freedom. That could mean becoming a freelancer or a contractor, or even going out on your own. 

While this can be scary or overwhelming at first, trust your angels to lead you to a place that will ultimately bring you more joy and purpose in your daily life.

Sometimes, this number can be a call to allow creativity to blossom. If a complete change of direction is too much for you right now, start with small creative changes, for example, change the way you do a certain task. 

Often, small adjustments in how you do things as well as to your perspective can make all the difference to your overall well-being.

Overall message of 118 angel number

Essentially, your angels are sending you 118 angel number because they are encouraging you to assume the attitude of a winner. If you’ve ever heard the saying, fake it till you make it, this is the time to do just that. 

If you don’t feel confident, ask your angels to help you, but do it anyway. Just keep going forward and do your best to have confidence in yourself. Success and prosperity are just around the corner.

Thanks to its connection to the cyclical nature of life, 118 angel number indicates the ending of cycles and the beginning of a new era. This can refer to many areas of your life. Use your intuition to determine what areas of your life cycles will change for you. 

The presence of 118 angel number is a sign that the new opportunities knocking are going to transform your life for the better so they want you to approach this new phase with hope. The Universe is urging you to get excited about life again and look forward to the future. 

They want you to understand that whatever worries you have are temporary and will soon be over. You are being called to have patience and trust in the Divine. 

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