12 Angel Number Meaning & Symbolism

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12 Angel Number

You may have noticed that you see the same number all around you. You might be wondering why this keeps happening. Each time you look at the television or your phone, at the emails you receive, or the bills you pay, you are left thinking, “oh, there is that number again.” 

It may then come as a surprise to find out that the angels are trying to communicate with you through this number. This is how your Guardian Angels reach out to you. They will not stop sending you this number until you take the time to try to understand the messages they want you to hear. These numbers coming into your life are for a reason; it is not by chance. Taking the time to reflect on them through meditation or just quiet time alone is essential and beneficial. It is often through these numbers that you realize that the Universe is answering your prayers or giving you the answers you have been looking for and needing.

Is the number 12 constantly appearing in your life? Have you noticed it so many times that you are wondering what this actually means? You now need to pay attention; your angels have a special message just for you. They need you to know that they are always with you and thinking of you all the time. They want you to find the best opportunities and make the best possible decisions.

12 angel number comes with a message of support and motivation. Your angels know that you need to be more confident and face your life with a far more positive outlook. This is the time to be brave; it is the time to transform. Push negativity away and surround yourself with positive and strong affirmations and energies. By being positive, you will be transformed into a more robust and restored person.

The angels are giving you a message to encourage you to do things that are beneficial to others. Your Guardian angels want you to know that this is the right time to show the world all the unique talents and knowledge you have within. 12 angel number vibrates with the energy of progress and triumph. This is an exciting time – change and growth are in the air. Be brave, take a chance, and live the life you have imagined. It is time to examine the best possible ways to achieve your life’s ambition.

12 Angel Number

Spiritually – 12 angel number meaning

On a spiritual level, 12 angel number resonates with the attainment of higher awareness and experiencing spiritual growth. Reaching a point when you feel connected with the Divine realm may be challenging to reach. Still, 12 angel number represents the contrasting aspects of your spiritual journey and is here to guide you to overcome them.

With 12 angel number presenting itself in your life, the angels encourage you to closely examine your goals. They want you to ask yourself what you really want in this life. This is your time of revising and analyzing. What do you want to achieve, what do you want in your life, what is important to you, and what are your goals? Answering these questions will smooth the path to your success. The angels want you to know that by answering these questions, you will be able to concentrate on moving swiftly towards success.

12 angel number is giving you comfort in knowing that whatever your answers to these questions may be and whatever you decide to do, you are being encouraged and supported by your angels. Trust in the Divine and have faith that your future is bright. 12 angel number is an influential angel number, and the Universe is encouraging you to leave all old habits behind. Focus on the positivity and the many good opportunities that are presenting themselves. Your guardian angels need you to be optimistic and to have the confidence to believe in yourself. The Divine wants to help you, so you need to be open to this special message.

Staying focused in order to achieve your goals connected with spiritual enlightenment and growth means that you have to push yourself and very likely take a risk you never thought you would be able to do. Even if you are terrified of disappointment and failure, remember that your Guardian Angels will never let you fail completely. The path is not always going to be easy; there will be challenges but never dead ends.

The angels do not want you to let these things stand in your way of achieving your dreams. 12 angel number is letting you know that you should not give up on your dreams. You need to be persistent and consistent if you want to reach fulfillment. Your angels know that you are more than capable of being both. Showing compassion and being flexible with your approach in life will help you move forward and also give you the ability to pick yourself up and try again if the need arises.

This 12 angel number is reminding you that this is a time of replacing the old with the new, the negative with the positive, and letting go of fear and embracing the life the Divine has in store for you. This number is letting you know the time for change has arrived.

Spiritually – 12 angel number meaning

12 angel number meaning in love

For many, 12 angel number is a very positive sign meaning good luck and even leading to marriage.

12 angel number is closely related to love; it can be described as a symbol of love and light. If this number is appearing in your life, the angels are letting you know that you should listen to your heart and follow your instinct. This number will bring order and also lots of love. Your angels want you to keep the faith in all love and relationships.

12 angel number reminds you that with this number, love can be complicated, and at times there may be jealousy and possessiveness. Mainly, however, this number points to a caring and kind love. If you are in a relationship, it is essential to look for the balance in the relationship so that no one feels taken advantage of or taken for granted. Your angels are reminding you of all the beautiful things you have in your life. Show appreciation for them, and they will increase.

With most aspects of 12 angel number, there is little space for negativity. Love flourishes in a positive environment; all negative energy needs to be pushed out and open space up for only the positive. The angels are guiding you here to again spend time focusing on all the things you want, the things that make you completely happy, and then ensure that it is on these answers that your attention and energy stay. Also, remember that your angels are with you every step of the way.

If you have not yet found your soulmate or partner, 12 angel number is asking you to have patience and faith. Think about the type of person your perfect partner is; think about how this person may make you feel; what do they bring to your life? Spend time focussing on this, visualize and affirm that this person will come into your life.

12 angel number meaning in numerology

As mentioned before, 12 angel number is a very powerful number. When looking at the meaning of this number, it is essential to examine it as the two individual numbers which make up the number. Namely number 1 and number 2.

The number 1 is closely associated with new beginnings and moving forward. This number vibrates with the energies of individuality, victory, development, and inspiration. The angels guide us through this number by encouraging a positive attitude and the insistence on letting go of negative people and thoughts.

Number 2, on the other side, vibrates with the energies of partnership, adaptability, diplomacy, contrast, and sacrifice. It is also a symbol of belief and reliance. Angel number 2 is asking you to connect to the spiritual realm and use it to help you reach your goals.

These two numbers together, making 12 angel number, encourage you to concentrate on your ultimate life purpose and the mission of your soul. The angels are supporting your inner wisdom and inner strength. You have to use this wisdom as well as your compassion to achieve your goals.

12 angel number meaning in numerology

Other meanings of 12 angel number

When uncovering the meaning of 12 angel number, there are some interesting associations linked to this number. These facts remind you how very powerful this angel number actually is and why the symbolism is considered to be so strong.

This first aspect that needs to be mentioned is that there are 12 months in a year. There were 12 apostles mentioned in the bible. The number 12 is found in religions all over the world. This number is associated with the star sign Pisces. If your birthday falls on the 12th of a month or is in December, then you are reminded that your Guardian angels are always with you. 12 angel number has a strong association with the home and garden.

The angels want to encourage you to make your home a sanctuary, a place of beauty and peace. This number also resonates with the family atmosphere within the house. Always remember to show respect to others and endeavor to make the family atmosphere one of peace and understanding.

12 angel number meaning in your career

12 angel number is a positive sign in terms of your career. This is because this number represents success and growth. The angels want you to know that if you are thinking about a change in your career, now is the time to make that change. Your Guardian Angels will support, motivate and inspire you to make this a valuable choice in your life. They want you to use your incredible talents and live a life of creativity and purpose.

While this is a time of growth and success, it is essential to remember that you need to step out of your comfort zone. The angels encourage you to be brave because, in your professional life, this may be a time of radical change. You can move forward knowing that new opportunities will help you grow and move closer to your life purpose with your angels at your side. It is important to remember that these opportunities may not be presented directly to you in a prominent manner; they may be disguised and could even be given as challenges.

12 angel number meaning in your career

Overall message of 12 angel number

In conclusion, with the emergence of 12 angel number in your life, you need to remember that the angels are here to help you, guide you, and give you support. They have faith in your abilities to achieve your goals; you should have confidence in them too.

Using your talents and skills, you will not only be helping yourself but also others around you. These gifts from the Universe should be used to bring people together and create harmony. The angels are asking you to show love and care towards other people. Be kind is the message the angels are sending with this number.

12 angel number should be seen as a good sign that you are entering a period of positivity, success, and growth. It is also letting you know that it is a time of significant change and that you should be brave when encountering the opportunities that come your way. The angels are here to support you, and you need to trust and have faith in them.

This is a time to reflect on all that you want in your life, your ambitions, and your dreams; now is the time to start following the path in finding the best ways to live your purpose and fulfill your dreams.

Lisa is the founder of mindfulness and justice. She has practiced and studied numerology for the past 8 years and has now started to share her passion and knowledge.

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