343 Angel Number Meaning & Symbolism

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When you notice a specific number in your life, and it appears repeatedly, you could be receiving an angel number message. Angel numbers are a beautiful way for guardian angels, ascended masters, our ancestors, or the universe to communicate with us and provide us with guidance. The 343 Angel number is about knowledge, wisdom, and courage for new opportunities.

343 Angel number strongly connects knowledge, studying, learning, and sharing your knowledge. Wisdom is another message we can receive with this number. Be careful to who you impart knowledge, and be wise in your dealings with others. Make decisions with your head rather than your heart.

If you have seen the number 343 in your daily routine, it could hold significance for you. If the sightings are accompanied by an intense sensation in your stomach, chest, or goosebumps on your skin, your intuition could be letting you know that 343 is an angel number for you. When you receive an angel number, it is best to meditate on its unique meaning to you. When you have spent a little time with it, read further to learn more about the 343 Angel number and its possible implications for you.

343 Angel Number Meaning

As an angel number, 343 points firmly to knowledge and wisdom. If you receive this angel number as a message, it could mean that it is time to pay attention to learn more. There are times we may become stagnant in our growth. Now is an excellent time to shake things up a little.

When teachers are studying, they are taught about the concept of being lifelong learners. Essentially, this means that no matter how old we become or how knowledgeable we are in particular fields, there is always more to learn.

When you receive the 343 Angel number, it reminds you to see the world with a child’s eyes again. See the world around you with wonder and learn all you can from every situation. Another term for this is “growth mindset.”

There is an element of wisdom to angel number 343. The angels are letting you know that you have made a wise decision to get you to this point. They commend you on thinking ahead and using your wisdom to create a better present and future.

Within the number 343, we see the number three occurring twice. When a number occurs twice, its meaning is magnified. In this case, number three powerfully speaks of being positive, enthusiastic, and open to learning, creativity, and inspiration. It urges you to make use of your talents and skills with encouragement.

This angel number is guiding you to engage in expansion and growth for yourself but also to assist others in reaching new heights for themselves.

The number four within the 343 Angel number encourages you to continue your hard work. You are on the right trajectory to reaching your goals and dreams. Work steadily, practically, and with truth and integrity. 

Your determination and proactive efforts have been noticed and will soon pay off.

As with all achievements, you may find that your success and confidence draw jealousy from some. If this happens, simply filter out their negative energy, choosing to focus on your actual work, and helping others. You will attract more success by keeping your thoughts and emotions aligned with positivity.

The 343 Angel number suggests you may feel slightly vague about your long-term and short-term goals. In this case, take the time to mediate on your true desires and calling. Once you have clarity on the matter, take proactive steps to achieve your goals.

With each step reached, congratulate yourself on a job well done. Then, look toward the following action, and then next, until you have systematically attained the desired results.

Remember to take the time to help others along the way. This message comes across clearly with 343. In helping others, we open ourselves to more learning and creative expression as we journey alongside like-minded individuals.

Three Doreen Virtue “Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards” point to the significant meaning of the 343 Angel number. The cards speak of independence being the foundation of your strength and success. They mention keeping your attention focused on your target to reach your goals. 

The cards also tell you to anticipate a miracle in your near future. “Have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered.”

343 Angel Number

343 Angel Number And Love

Angel number 343 can have a few implications for love relationships. Firstly, since the number strongly resonates with learning, knowledge, and wisdom, it would be wise to take some time to consider how well you know your partner.

Look deeply at them and ask questions you may not have considered before. Take the time to learn about your significant other and use your new knowledge to appreciate them for exactly who they are, in all their authenticity.

When you see angel number 343, it may be a sign to use more wisdom in your dealings with partners. It can become a habit to react and operate from an emotional state with loved ones. Take this opportunity to step back from your emotions and approach the relationship with calm logic, focusing on your goals individually and as a partnership.

The 343 Angel number can mean that a relationship is beginning to end. If you have noticed that you are not as happy as you once were, consider if the relationship may be better left behind you.

If you are single, seeing this angel number may mean that the universe is showing you your next partner. If you choose wisely, your subsequent love interest could bring back a spark of passion to your life.

If this angel number comes to you in the early stages of a relationship, it is here to let you know you have found a good partner. Keep your logical mind as you allow yourself to feel deeply for your new partner.

Angel number 343 often appears to those about to end an unhappy relationship. If this applies to you, know that the angels want the best for you. They cheer you on from the spirit realm, letting you know that you deserve better. A partner better suited to your authentic self is waiting for you.

343 Angel Number And Love

343 Angel Number And Career

When you receive the 343 Angel number, know that it is time to engage in learning within your career or in another career area you feel drawn to.

In most careers, there are opportunities to develop yourself. It may be a simple matter of asking what courses and workshops are available to you. Dive into learning during this season. You are ready for it and will benefit immensely from expanding your knowledge base.

You may find that you can better help colleagues and clients through your newfound knowledge and that you will receive praise for doing so.

Should you feel drawn to a different field, take a chance and engage in studies for that. We are drawn to fields, fields of expertise, and passions for a reason, even if we do not yet know what they are.

At all times, employ dignity and wisdom in your work. Work steadily, with an eye on long and short-term goals. Take logical steps to achieve tasks and be helpful to those around you.

You have laid solid foundations in the past. Now is a fantastic time to lay foundations once again for your future. You are now benefiting from the work you have already put in. Take courage and inspiration from how far you have come and how far you have yet to go.

There will likely be those in your workplace or general life who do not cheer you on. Take no notice of nay-sayers and those with harmful intentions for you. Try to focus entirely on your goals, acknowledging those with the best intentions for you.

Keep your vibrations high by visualizing your future in detail. Thank those who play a positive and negative role in your life. Everyone you encounter is your teacher, whether the lessons are easy or difficult.

343 Angel Number Uncovered

The angel number 343 has a powerful meaning as a whole number. It is mainly a message of learning, taking the initiative, helping others, keeping focused and positive, and being wise. If we look at each digit of an angel number, we can gain further insight into the message’s meaning.

Let us unpack the 343 Angel number and look at the importance of each part of the whole number.

We will look at:

  • 3
  • 4
  • 34
  • 43

3 Angel Number

The 3 Angel number is the message of positivity and reward. There is a time of abundance in your near future. Pour your energy into your work and perform your jobs with passion. Be mindful to help others and to act out of love. 

Three is the number of completion. Be confident in the foundation you have already laid and the knowledge and wisdom you possess. They will soon pay off.

Remember to maintain a balance between your spiritual, physical, and mental states. Balance is vital if you wish to be successful. Three is a spiritual number and is often associated with a higher being. 

This could be a time for you to focus on your spiritual practices and connect with your higher self.

3 Angel Number

4 Angel Number

When you receive the 4 Angel number, it is a sure message that you are looked after. Four is a solid number that reflects being supported and having a strong network around you.

If you find yourself alone during this time, it is a good reminder that there are potential friends and supporters all around you. If you cannot find supporters in people, look to animals and the spirit realm. Know that you are never alone.

Four is a sign to focus on the balance within your life. Focus on your spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health. Take time out each day to work towards stabilizing your life in all areas.

Whenever you receive the number four as an angel number, know that you are safe and supported. You may find this number popping up as you make important decisions or consider trying new things.

34 Angel Number

When you receive angel number 34, know it is a perfect time to make your dreams a reality. The combined forces of the numbers three and four mean that you are filled with creativity and the drive and determination to manifest.

The angels typically send this number as a message to use your creative talents in an orderly fashion. Take the time to properly plan the steps toward reaching your creative goals. When done correctly, acting on your passions and skills can lead to great success.

Be mindful that you have strong powers of manifesting at this time. Keep your thoughts, emotions, and vibrations positive to ensure you manifest only positive outcomes.

The angels want you to remember that you have constant access to the spirit realm. The angels and ascended masters wish only the best for you and know you can achieve your true calling.

43 Angel Number

Angel number 43 is a powerful combination of passion, energy, focused work, and consistency.

This angel number points to success and positivity in your near future. You have been working hard, and you will soon be rewarded.

If you are in a season of indecision or feeling a little stale in some regions of your life, the 43 Angel number has come to you to give you the motivation you need to keep going. 

Be reminded that we all have strengths and weaknesses. It takes a strong individual to clearly assess the truth about their character, skills, and goals and to find a balance between what they are good at and what they find challenging.

The angels remind you that you have their guidance and support at all times. They also wish to urge you to rely more on your intuition and inner strength since you have more than you realize.

Angel number 43 speaks of solid and passionate romantic relationships, in your career or with yourself. Always seek to maintain balance in your relationships and within your life.

43 Angel Number


The 343 Angel number is a powerful number that brings you a message of hope and positivity. Your persistent hard work will soon be rewarded, and you will soon enter a time of great learning. Keep an open mind and be consistently willing to make every person and situation your teacher. Help others whenever you can, and tune out negative energy from those who are jealous of you and your success.

Keep focused on your path and remain dignified, knowing that you are acting in your authenticity. Allow yourself to act on creative passions, but remember to work in an orderly way with clear systems in place for success. Always remember that the angels, universe, and ascended masters are with you and that a miracle is inevitable.

Lisa is the founder of mindfulness and justice. She has practiced and studied numerology for the past 8 years and has now started to share her passion and knowledge.

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