Angel number 1144 Meaning & Symbolism

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If your energy is restless and you keep seeing certain numbers, then you should stop and consider what the Universe is trying to tell you. Your angels communicate with you in many ways; however, one of the most obvious ways humans receive messages from the Divine is via numbers. This is because numbers are more noticeable to us than other Divine signs.

Take note if you are constantly seeing the number 1144, it’s most certainly a message from your angels.

If you’re seeing the number 1144, your angels are reminding you that you really don’t need much to create a happy life. Perhaps it is a call to focus on what you do have in your life and to truly appreciate those things. It is a nudge from your angels to release the hunger for material possessions because, while wonderful, they will not bring you true happiness.

Angel number 1144 is a call from the Divine to alter your mind set and become more positive. This is a number of action and motivation to achieve your dreams and make changes in your life, all the while knowing that the angels are supporting your actions. Keeping your thoughts, energy, and intentions positive will help you achieve these changes. This is a number that symbolizes new beginnings and it could refer to your career, love relationships, or even a physical move.

Great opportunities are now within your reach; the angels are urging you to remain committed and to keep going. Stay determined and continue to work hard, and you will be richly rewarded. If you find yourself plagued by negative thoughts and heavy energy, do your utmost to rather trust your intuition and have faith that the angels are working with you and supporting you.

Angel number 1144 meaning – Why are you seeing it?

Angel number 1144 is an especially powerful number because it contains the energy of number 1, duplicated. The number 1 is a number of strength, uniqueness, and, of course, new beginnings. As a result, seeing this number is a call to start afresh, boldly and confidently. It indicates a time of gathering up your self-confidence and moving forwards with purpose, secure in the faith that what you are doing is for the best.

You are seeing this number as a not-so-gentle reminder that you have a responsibility to fulfil your soul purpose here on Earth. You are the master of your reality here and you will be required to take control of your thoughts and actions to ensure that life unfolds as it should. Be aware of the law of attraction in all that you do – what you think, you are; what you give out, returns to you. This is an important principle to understand and apply to your life. If you are struggling with this, ask your angels to help you to dispel negativity in all forms from your life.

This number is similarly a call to turn your eye towards your spirituality and how you can be of service to others. When doing this, you may find that your purpose becomes clearer to you, or that the process of introspection makes everything clearer in general. 

This number appearing in your life can be considered an energy boost – your angels are motivating you to keep going. Your new beginning is on the horizon, so keep faith in your abilities and be brave enough to put an end to what no longer serves you. Your angels want you to know that you do possess the strength needed to succeed at this task.

This number carries the powerful essence of leadership and clear communication. In order to make space for this new energy, ensure that you release any harmful and unpleasant thoughts and instead fill your mind with inspiring and empowering mantras.

Meaning 1: Numerology

To understand the true meaning of angel number 1144, you need to break down and analyse the different meanings of the numbers individually.

First off, angel number 1144 begins with the master number 11. Master numbers are considered especially powerful, mystical, and rare and are definite signs of a strong connection to Divine energy and a symbol of a spiritual awakening and illumination. The master number 11 carries a message of karma, too. This number is the angels’ way of urging you to get to know yourself in order to discover your true purpose on Earth. This number is also calling you to take responsibility for everything in your life.

When broken down further, we need to consider the energy of number 1, which is a number of new beginnings, tenacity, and ambition. This is where you’ll find the inspiration to take the direction of your life into your own hands and make real changes. You will find the courage to have a fresh start.

The number 114 is an indicator that this is a time that you will be called upon to have courage and patience. And the number 4 is a symbol of hard work, focus, and determination. It also relates to being rewarded and recognized for your efforts. It’s a number of honour and being honest with yourself about your true desires. When the number 4 is doubled, as it is here, it’s a sign that your angels are assisting you in attaining the fulfilment you seek on the path that you’re on. Number 44 is about wisdom and achievement of long-standing goals. It can also be a sign that the missing piece of the puzzle, or the unseen, will now become obvious to you.

Because the powerful energies of the numbers 1 and 4 are combined in this number, the influence of this number is especially significant.

Meaning 2 – Manifestation

Another reason you could be seeing the number 1144 is that your angels are reminding you not to forget the role you were originally called upon to fulfil here on Earth. Essentially, the life you are living now is one that you have manifested. If it’s not to your liking, or if it feels lacking, then it’s up to you to make the necessary changes. You are the mastermind of your reality.

If you find yourself in a negative space, surrounded by negative people, begin to make small changes. Simple things, such as using positive affirmations, can make a big difference when it comes to altering your current reality. If you are having money troubles, don’t spend your time dwelling on it; rather, think about how you have enough cash to meet your needs in abundance. You will be astounded by how your new life will begin to manifest. At first, you may feel resistant to this way of life, but try to step out of your comfort zone with faith, your angels are there to support you. Growth will only occur in your life once you step out of your comfort zone.

It’s important that your thoughts and actions are in alignment. You cannot think one way and act another and then expect to manifest your desires. You need to live authentically – body, mind, and soul.

Meaning 3 – Love

Seen that angel number 1144 is a number of new beginnings, you can be sure to expect big changes in your love life when you see this number. If you’re single, then this number indicates a possible new romantic connection. If you’re in a serious relationship, this may be an auspicious time for marriage, having a baby, or moving in together. Either way, your relationship is ready to move to the next level.

If you’re in a relationship but things are not going well, then sometimes this number appears as a sign that you should end this connection. Better things are waiting for you once you make the space in your life.

Angel number 1144 also carries the essence of honesty and if you’re seeing this number, the angels are calling you to develop more honesty in your love connections. Being truthful with your partner and yourself will take your relationship to the next level. You have the angels’ support to speak your truth and declare your love for your partner. Your angels are there to help you reveal your heart’s desire.

Once again, the power of positive thought is crucial when it comes to establishing the loving relationship of your dreams. Think positively about your love life and you will attract equal energy into your life.

Remember that self-love is the first step on the path towards finding true love with another. Honour your good qualities and ask the angels to help you with aspects of yourself that you find lacking. You can only give of yourself when your self-love tank is full.

Ultimately, this number is about revealing your true feelings and if that means contacting an ex-partner to tell him/her about your feelings, then be brave and do it. Once the truth is off your chest you will feel so much better.


Angel number 1144 has strong vibrational energy and it signifies connection to Divine power – when you see this number, be sure not to waste this wondrous opportunity. You are receiving this number as a nod of acknowledgment of your resourcefulness and inner power. This is a wonderful opportunity for change and your angels are urging you to grab the chance with all your might.

Look back at your life and assess where there are opportunities for change and growth. This is an excellent time for you to use your creativity to make changes, especially now that your reality is in alignment with your soul purpose. The Universe has acknowledged the hard work you have put in and continuing on this path, while maintaining a positive mind frame, will help you achieve the enlightenment the angels are calling on you to reach.

Genuinely take the time to reflect on why you are receiving this number at this point in your life because you are being offered a great opportunity to change who you are and how you live for the better.


What is the spiritual meaning of the number 1144?

As soon as you notice the pair of 1 and 4, don’t waste time and resources and start the awakening. The number 1144 is a symbol that you should organize your spiritual growth and make a list of what you need. The angels, in turn, will show you where to put your efforts and help you achieve your goals.

What does 1144 mean in manifestation?

This number is needed to remind people of their purpose and the meaning of their lives that the universe anticipated for them at birth. Sometimes you may forget or misunderstand your purpose, but the angels correct your path. Also, if you feel a lack of energy or strength to accept the responsibility given by the Universe, the Divine assures you that you are ready for any obstacles and trials and will end your journey victorious.

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