Angel Number 155 Meaning & Symbolism

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Angel Number 155

Do you often see the number 155 of late and wonder what it means? Well, it could very well be the angel number 155, which holds particular meanings and messages that your guardian angels are trying to convey to you. Consider how you feel when you see it and note the context of your encounter with the number, as these may be clues to the hidden message.

The angel number 155 can be compartmentalized into various meanings regarding the numbers involved, but the key denotations are toward success, ambition, leadership, and new beginnings. There is the need to show initiative and have confidence and determination in what you do.

Your angels will repeatedly show you this sequence of numbers when trying to convey particular messages. The meaning is not always straightforward, unfortunately, but with some insight into the possibilities, you can hone in on what you believe they are trying to tell you. In what follows, we break down the various components of what the angel number 155 could hold for you.

Angel Number 155

The General Meaning Of Angel Number 155

As you are probably well aware, we are not alone in the universe, and there are other realms besides the physical one which we can experience with our primary senses. But there is an invisible world that we cannot see, touch, or taste, but we can still engage with it, and this is a truly remarkable and exciting realization.

There are celestial beings, and angels make up part of this section of the spiritual realm. They are not merely parts of myth or such, but genuine beings equipped to aid us when we need them. They help guide us along our journeys in life and prompt us along the way, especially when we get stuck, need to be made aware of things, or simply when we call on them.

One thing we all wish were possible is for our guardian angels to be able to directly impart information to us, along with words of encouragement and enticement to yearn for more out of life. But they do confer with us, and one of the ways in which they do so is through angel numbers.

They are known as angel numbers because they are under the influence of our guardian angels, who impart them in times when we need them most. These cryptic messages are solvable if you know what to look for and how to interpret them; thankfully, we do. These messages carry powerful meanings and vibrations that will empower us if used correctly.

If you are seeing angel number 155, your guardian angels are attempting to convey a particular message. They will persistently allow you to see it until you acknowledge it and take action. However, if you ignore it and write it off as mere coincidence, you could miss out on messages about the divine purpose of your life.

The angel number 155 stands for various things, but its primary purpose is to direct you towards progression and fruitful growth in your life. There is the underlying desire from your angels to have you succeed in life and all you put your mind, body, and spirit toward. This is not a sign of a free ride; you still need to work hard, but you will find accomplishment in your endeavors.

It would help if you had a clear picture of your goals and desires in life and the self-confidence and faith in your abilities to see your dreams materialize in front of your eyes. You possess skills and talents, some of which you may still be honing, but they are at your disposal, ready to be used for the good of your future.

When you make decisions, do not be hasty; sometimes, we want to make decisions regarding our lives slightly too fast, which could mean our downfall. Therefore, examine your options and possible paths and consult and request your angels to guide and prompt you as to what to do in situations where serious life choices need to be made.

But also realize that you may be being encouraged to allow your spontaneity to take the helm of the ship, but be sure this is the case. So tread carefully in this area; you are likely someone who enjoys the thrill and excitement of new endeavors and paths in life. This is a fantastic trait to possess, and you should never lose that spark as it is a fire that aids in your confidence.

Angel Number 155 Compels You To Follow Your Dreams

You may be reading this and thinking that it does not resonate with you, in which case angel number 155 has been unveiled to you to encourage you to change your perception of yourself and to look inwardly at what it is that you want from life and who you want to be. You likely hold a level of confidence, but perhaps it is misdirected, and you do not know what you aspire toward.

Successful people tend to surround themselves with like-minded individuals, and you may need to do the same. A shift in mentality may be on the cards, and you must also consider who you surround yourself with. This is a tough one as sometimes we like the friends and others in our lives, but they might actually be toxic for you and stifle your growth.

Or perhaps a change in you could see you becoming a leader among those around you, where you are a shining example of what is possible. But be wary; you need to ensure that these people will encourage and build you up when it comes to pursuing your dreams; some people leach off of your energy, and these are ties that need to be broken.

You are about to enter a period of change in your life, which will add immense value to you and your soul’s journey. Secure a solid friendship foundation and allow them to support you in this time. Those who are genuine and earnest are worth keeping around, and they will make up a circle of like-minded individuals who all help each other and add value to one another and their lives.

Next, visualize your goals and aspirations and note that anything is possible, especially if you have the help and guidance of your guardian angels. If they are prompting you to follow your dreams, then now is the time to take action. Have them set in your mind and strategize how you will get from point A to point B; dreams are useless without proper planning and commitment.

Angel Number 155 Compels You To Follow Your Dreams

The Numerical Meaning Of Angel Number 155

If we look at the numerical meanings behind angel number 155, we shall find that number one is linked with success and explains the “luck” and success you are likely to encounter. It also denotes accomplishment and the likelihood of achieving one’s goals. You have the potential to grow and reap the rewards of your labor, but if it happens… well, that is up to you entirely. 

The following two numbers are both fives, which touches on what we mentioned earlier, which is to be open to being spontaneous. You should yearn to achieve what you set out to do and be willing to take the leaps of faith and the risks involved in getting there.

It does not mean you need to be careless, but it is a sure sign that now is the time to let your ingenious creativity and sense of adventure loose. You are likely a free-spirited individual, or at least you are at your core. If that has been stifled by life, then now is the time to allow yourself to reconnect with this aspect of yourself. Be free to follow your dreams and make them a reality.

Angel Number 155 Tells Us To Listen To Our Intuition

Pay attention to your inner self, that subtle voice that tells you what is good and what should be avoided. Your intuition is powerful and can help you make the decisions regarding working toward and ultimately achieving your goals. Your angels are asking you to trust your intuition and take time to be introspective.

There are answers to things that you already know, deep down, and your guardian angels want to remind you of this fact. Do not the thoughts and opinions of others dictate what you ultimately decide to do, as only you comprehend the desires of your heart and know what will fulfill you in the end.

You are entering into a time of change, and perhaps some of it may be slightly tumultuous, but in the end, there will be a positive change in your life, and things will have altered for the better. Be alert to the opportunities presented to you and follow your “gut instinct” on what you feel is the right course of action.

Angel Number 155 Tells Us To Listen To Our Intuition

Love And The Angel Number 155

As we have been discussing, change is imminent and true for your love life and aspects involving romance. There are going to be significant alterations, and it is something that cannot be avoided or run away from. This does not mean that your relationship will end but that things will be different, although separation is not entirely out of the question.

One thing you need to learn is that if a relationship or aspect of it is not working, something has to give. You cannot continue doing the same thing and hoping for a different result. It is not going to happen, and your guardian angels are trying to point this out to you, so take heed and listen to the advice from above.

Angel number 155 informs you that you can fix and revitalize a dying relationship, but here again, strategizing and a touch of spontaneity will come in handy. But like all good things, you will need to put in the effort required to make it work for your benefit. You will need a partner willing to work with you, though; if that is not the case, then it may be time to call it quits.

Love And The Angel Number 155

Angel Number 155 May Seem Like A Bad Omen, But It Is Not

The term omen is not entirely correct, yet it may explain the sensation people feel about it when they realize that their angels are trying to communicate with them. The number is a blessing in disguise, and although your future, near or far, may appear to be a storm, your angels are there, by your side, ready to walk you through it, and all you need to do is listen and trust them.

There is more than likely a period of struggle ahead of you, but instead of viewing it as something to feel hesitant to tackle, dive in head first and realize what you are in for. Some people do not like change or things to alter in any way, and some even fear it, but now is the time for courage, and you need to stand firm and be willing to grow into the person you have the potential to be.

You may have to completely change up your routine and lifestyle to make your dreams a reality or simply get through the challenges coming your way, and although old habits die hard, new ones can be formed. You will thank yourself and your guardian angels once you have become a better, stronger, more confident, and well-rounded individual in the end.

Complacency is an evil that needs to be ripped out by the root as it stifles your growth and development and causes us to stagnate in life while we could be climbing ever higher up the mountain of success and prosperity. Yes, you will take knocks along the way, but that is okay; they will be lessons learned, and then you can continue to what you are destined for.


Success is on its way, and you will likely have to go through life-altering changes to reach that point, but if you are willing to commit and put in the work, it will play out in your favor. Now is the time to examine who you have in your life and who you surround yourself with. You are a born leader, even if you do not know it, and it is high time that you stepped out into the light.

However, if you do not plan, strategize and trust your intuition, you may be sucked into a whirlpool that could get the better of you. Therefore we recommend that you take angel number 155 seriously and approach it with caution and anticipation, but also realize that your guardian angels are using it to communicate life’s possibilities to you.

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