Angel Number 1818 Meaning & Symbolism

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Angel number 1818 

If you’ve noticed that you keep seeing the same number everywhere and it has piqued your interest, then trust your gut because you’re right, you should be interested – it means your angels are trying to communicate with you.

The Divine sends us messages all the time; however, often, we are too “busy” to take notice. If you’ve been blessed with a message from your angels, pay attention to what they have to say.

If you’re seeing the number 1818 everywhere, know that it is associated with good luck, wealth, courage, ambition, new love, and new beginnings. It’s also a sign that if you’ve been experiencing setbacks and blockages on your journey, those will soon fall away and life will almost seem easy. 

If you’ve been worried about something, your angels are letting you know that you should let that go now as it shall soon be resolved. 

Through this number, you are being reassured that you are on the right path and you should continue doing what you’re doing. 

Spiritually – angel number 1818 meaning 

Angel number 1818 usually appears in your life when you’re feeling a little spiritually lost. You may feel disconnected from spirit and generally unsupported. This message is being sent to you to remind you of your unwavering connection with the Divine source.

It’s comforting to know that regardless of whether you feel it or not, you are always connected to the Divine. 

If you’re feeling like your energy is low and you have little motivation to do anything, it may be because you’ve fought so hard and worked so diligently already and you need a break now. 

This number is a sign of acknowledgement from the Universe of how hard you’ve worked and that you will soon be able to rest and recuperate. A period of hard emotional work and seemingly unnecessary obstacles is coming to an end. 

Angel number 1818 is initiating a dramatic shift in your energy field, and once this happens you should start to feel more connected with spirit. You will also most likely receive a needed energy boost that will provide the motivation you need to reignite your spirit. 

Remember that your angels are supporting you and guiding you in the right direction. You can rest in the peace of knowing that you have this overwhelming Divine support every step of the way.

Don’t allow self-doubt to get in the way of your progress. Inherently, you are a leader and you possess all the qualities needed to forge ahead in life. 

Use these same qualities to direct your life in the direction you wish to go. Try and cultivate an aura of positivity to uplift the energy around you too. 

Even if you fail in certain situations or relationships, don’t give up. Keep holding your head high and rise above the setbacks. All of this is part of your journey toward developing an unfailing sense of self-acceptance and self-love.

Angel number 1818 meaning in love

When this number appears in connection with your love life, it’s a sign of encouragement that the work you’ve been doing, both on yourself and within your relationship, is having beneficial results

You can breathe a sigh of relief because the emotional work you’ve been putting in has resulted in the beautiful relationship you currently have. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the bounty of your creation. 

And angel number 1818 showing up in your life is a clear sign that it’s only going to get better. So, sit back and watch as your relationship flourishes. 

If, on the other hand, your relationship is currently not in a good place, then angel number 1818 is a sign that you need to find the courage to start anew, either with someone else or by wiping the slate clean and going back to the basics with your current partner. 

Whether this means a shift is required in the dynamics of your relationship; a deeper commitment is needed, such as a marriage; or it’s time to sever the commitment, it can only be determined by you and what you feel in your heart. 

Sometimes, the presence of the number 8 is a sign that you’re running on empty in your relationship and essentially putting in too much of yourself. This sense of imbalance you’re feeling could be what’s contributing to your feeling of dissatisfaction.

Once you decide on a mutual level of commitment between you both, you will notice how the trust you have for each other deepens and how, as a result, your relationship grows in new ways. Your angels are guiding this process, so have faith that all will be well in the end.

If you’re single, angel number 1818 shows that you are heading in the right direction if you’re looking for love. Stay motivated to keep your heart and mind open and maintain a positive outlook. 

This is not a good time to change direction; rather, continue on the path that you’re already on. 

Angel number 1818 meaning in numerology

The numbers 1 and 8 are spiritually important numbers on their own and when combined they bring together powerful spiritual energy. To understand the significance of angel number 1818, we first have to look at the numbers 1 and 8 on their own. 

Number 1 is considered one of the more spiritual numbers. It’s a powerful number that represents independence, courage, and ambition. 

Significantly in this sequence, the number 1 also represents new beginnings. It’s a number that resonates with positive, motivated energy and success. 

Number 1 is also associated with strength and stability, and its presence in your life indicates that this is a time when you should be an individual, not a team player.

Considering that both the 1 and the 8 occur twice in this sequence, it’s safe to say that the Universe really wants you to get the messages associated with these numbers.

In many cultures, and especially in Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered one of the luckiest numbers around and is linked to great prosperity. As a result, people often get married on the 8th day of the month or look for houses with the number 8. 

The number 8 is also, literally, symmetrical which is a symbol of the balance that this number brings about. When turned on its side, the 8 is a symbol of infinity too and represents the infinite abundance that is available to you. 

The potential for financial success associated with this number is immense so consider yourself blessed when it shows up in your life.

It’s also a reference to the law of attraction that states that like energy attracts like energy. The energy associated with 8 is powerful and unstoppable. And this can create both positive and negative experiences.

For example, on the one hand, it can indicate profound success in all areas of your life, but on the flip side it can indicate burnt-out energy and a never-ending cycle of busyness.

You may see this number when you’ve been working nonstop and you feel like you just can’t carry on in this way. If this rings true for you, then number 1818 is appearing in your life as a gentle reminder to slow down.

In other words, positive thinking attracts positive experiences and negative thinking attracts negative experiences. This number is equally associated with confidence and control. 

Therefore, when seeing the numbers 1 and 8 together in this sequence it’s a sure sign that positive change is coming your way. 

This change could manifest in any area of your life, including your relationships and your career. This is not something you should fear as, ultimately, the changes will be beneficial to you. 

Perhaps you’ve been losing your momentum and feeling like giving up, but receiving this message is a sign from your angels that you should persevere. You’ve almost reached the finish line, so ask your angels to give you the strength to keep going just a little bit longer.

Number 1818 often brings with it an unexpected stroke of luck that transforms your life. Be open to whatever shows up and open your heart to giving and receiving. 

Don’t be afraid of seemingly miraculous experiences that seem to be too good to be true. This period of prosperity and abundance may be hard to believe at first; it may even be hard for you to accept, but know that you truly deserve all these blessings..

Angel number 1818 meaning in the Bible

Biblically, number 1818 is a symbol of freedom from oppression or bondage and being rescued by God’s mercy. 

For example, the children of Israel were forced to be slaves for 18 years until they were freed when Saul became king. Similarly, the Philistines kept the Israelites as slaves for 18 years before they were freed. 

The weight that the number 18 carries and its association with release from bondage can be connected to your current religious and spiritual life as well. 

You may be stuck in a certain mindset that is preventing you from moving forward and growing as a person. You could perhaps say you are enslaved by a way of being that doesn’t serve you. 

If this is you, number 18 is appearing to encourage you to break free from limited thinking. Be honest with yourself when you consider what is holding you back from true spiritual actualization.

In Hebrew, the number 18 is connected to the word “chai” which means “alive.” Being alive is about living in the present and, thus, gaining freedom for your soul. Deepening your connection to God again will help you feel vibrant and alive again.

There is only one time Jesus’ childhood is mentioned in the Bible and that was when he went with Mary and Joseph to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage. He was 12 years old at the time. He then began his ministry 18 years later. The fact that there is only one mention of events in his early life highlights the significance of it. 

Also, another interesting thing about number 18 in the Bible is that the longest names in the Bible are both 18-letters long. 

Angel number 1818 meaning in your career

When angel number 1818 shows up with regards to your career, it sometimes indicates that you’ve been taking a back seat in your job. This number is the angels’ way of reminding you that you need to step forward and take action. 

You have the skills to do it, you just need to become a little more proactive. It’s time to rediscover what motivated you into your career in the first place. The Universe is acknowledging that you are in the right place, you just need to do more where you are. 

Use the vibrant energy that number 1818 carries to motivate and inspire you. Once you start investing your energy in the right places, you will notice magical transformations beginning to occur. 

You’ll be offered promotions, better opportunities, and financial rewards. Your angels believe in your ability to achieve all this; however, you need to believe it too. You do have the power within you to transform your life.

You are also being called to step into a space of gratitude. The Universe is sending you a message to remind you to be grateful for all you’ve already accomplished in your life and for the unwavering Divine assistance you receive.

Take time each day to reflect and consider all the blessings you already have in your life. Doing this will perpetuate this cycle of abundance.

Overall message of angel number 1818

In conclusion, the messages associated with number 1818 bring transformation, new beginnings, abundant wealth, spiritual reconnection, extremely good luck, and, most significantly, Divine support.

You are coming to the end of a certain cycle in your life and moving onto better, brighter things. Welcome these changes with open arms because as difficult as it may seem now, the end result is in your best interest, as well as those around you. 

You can consider angel number 1818 your lucky charm! So, sit back, relax and relish in this fortuitous time. 


What does angel number 1818 mean in love?

Number 1818 confirms everything you do for your relationships and your partner will bring beneficial results. In addition, you may share your love with surrounding people to make this world kinder and better. Don’t stop working on your mutual emotional well-being and strengthen your love.

What does angel number 1818 mean to avoid twin flame separation?

Angels send the number 1818 to find the right way to achieve the necessary balance. This sign helps to discover gaps in the relationship, avoid misunderstandings, and find common ground and trust between couples. However, if only one person makes an effort, the chances of preserving love diminish. In this case, the number 1818 means you have to change direction in life and move separately.

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