Angel Number 3 Meaning & Symbolism

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Our ancestors believe that every person has the guardian angel that stays with them throughout their whole life. And whenever this person needs help, the angel is always there to support them and show the right way. In this article we will cover the menaing of angel number 3, follow along. 

They have always been helping us by giving us hints, signs, and symbols. And this is the main reason why angelic numerology has appeared in the first place. 

So, what is angelic numerology? It is a set of ancestral knowledge that can interpret heavenly messages to humanity. 

Have you been wondering why you keep seeing this number? If so, you came to the right place. 

Let’s find out what angel number 3 is going to bring into your life! 

How Do Angels Send Their Hints?

angel number 3 meaning

The mother of this new branch of numerology is considered to be psychic and doctor of psychology and philosophy Doreen Virtue. She’s absolutely sure: angels always give us signs to help to resolve any existing problem, show the exit from the situation, or warn about the imminent danger. 

But how did she come to a realization that these signs mean something? Well, she had to experience this on herself. Once, angels helped her to escape armed thieves. When Virtue was able to cope with the shock, she started to explore the way higher powers intervene with our lives. 

Angels talk to us all the time through numbers and numerology, says Virtue. The signs are everywhere: starting from the clock and finishing with the phone numbers. 

If you notice you keep seeing the same number on a daily basis on the license plates, receipts, tickets, random ads, and so on, people tend to ignore these coincidences, yet, Virtue believes it’s not right. She’s sure that the accidents are the messages from the angels. 

So, don’t ignore the numbers. If you keep noticing the same combination of numbers over and over again, think, “Is my guardian angel trying to communicate with me?” 

And after you send this thought into the universe, you’ll receive the answer soon. 

Meaning Behind Angel Number 3

The meaning of angel number 3

Angel number 3 tells you to be more open-minded and friendly with people. It encourages you to remove the shackles and start living a life of joy and positivity. 

If you’ve been praying for an answer, then you should know they had already been answered. So, get your life together and begin working hard to achieve your goals. 

If you keep seeing number 3, it hints you to continue believing in higher powers and stay on track to get into the right destination. Another big thing is that your dreams are going to happen. Don’t rush them, as they’re going to arrive at the right time in the right place, and your angels will make sure of that.  

Angel numbers indicate that your guardian angel is trying to draw your attention. So, if you’ve been noticing the same number following you around, know that your angels are communicating with you. 

Open your mind for new things and pay attention to them in order not to miss the sign. 

You’re a bright person, so live your life to inspire others. 

Listen to your intuition in order to make the right decisions every time. Use your skills and talents to create a life of your dreams, and help people around you to do the same thing. 

Number 3 has the vibrations of kindness, joy, creativity, and friendliness. Plus, it represents the unique energy of inspiration, growth, and visualization.

It symbolizes the intersections of your body, mind, and spirit, which means it is aligned with the divine energy. Therefore, if you keep seeing this number, it indicates that your guardian angel is there and is presaging your success. 

If you set your mindset on positivity, your guardian angel will receive your thoughts, prayers, and calls for help. 

This number is also a sign that your mental abilities are in the process of development. It also symbolizes that you’ve reached the end of a stage of your life. It is time to make a choice and start working in order to enter a new phase. 

Keep on clearing your energy and expand your vibrations. To do so, remove everything that blocks your open-mindedness so that you can enter your divine path and reach your destination. 

What To Do If You Keep Seeing Angel Number 3   

Picture of an angel in the garden

If you keep noticing that number 3 is following you around, it’s time to listen to what the Divine has to say to you. 

Align your goals and dreams with higher powers for the universe to receive your prayers. And when you do that, you’ll finally get the opportunities and support you’ve been searching for. 

This is the best period to follow your heart and trust in your intuition. And to do so, you need to believe in higher powers, as they’ll make sure everything happens the way it should.  

Listen to what the angels are trying to say and let them guide you on your way.

So, what should you do if you keep seeing number 3?

Be self-confident

You’re doing great! Because you have accomplished so much, you have to be proud of what you’ve done and what you went through. It is 100% your paid-off hard work. 

You’ve been working your butt off to get the job you dreamed of, start your own business from scratch, or raise your kids to be the best ones. 

And of course, success always comes with sacrifices, fails, doubts, and fears. Yet somehow, you managed to go through all of them. 

What’s more important, you’re not the only one who knows about it. Your guardian angel is aware of that as well. So, this is the reason why they decided to send you the number. They want you either to gain or to acknowledge your success. 

Angels want you to remember that the confident part of your personality will always help you to conquer any obstacles and problems you face.  

Have faith in what you’re reading right now, as there’s a reason you’re here. Take action upon your goals, pursue any hobby you wanted to for a while now, or develop a new skill. 

Is there something you’ve wanted to do for a while? Then this is the right time to go for it!

Your guardian angel is blessing, supporting, and has faith you. So, if they do, why shouldn’t you? 

Expand your social circle 

Being surrounded by people who have the same mindset, vision, and opinions on specific topics is undoubtedly a big plus. Whenever you spend time around them, they’ll fill you with positive energy and motivation. 

Have you been feeling overwhelmed for a while now? Well, then this is definitely the right time to take some time for friends or to make new connections. 

Meeting people with the same views on the world is always interesting to experience. First, you can see some things from a new perspective. Second, it’ll expand your ideas, which, in the end, will help you with what you’re planning for your future. 

Not only you’ll be able to talk about the topics that interest you the most, but also have fun together. What’s more, you’ll be able to learn from their mistakes to not make them on your way. 

And even if you feel like you’re struggling, your life will become much happier if you share some moments of it with them. 

This is one of the messages angels could try to communicate with you. 

Number 3 represents growth, determination, inspiration, and inner guidance. And another big part of it is the vibrations of joy and happiness, which will surround you no matter what. 

Speak your truth

Another reason you keep seeing number 3 is that it’s time to express your authentic self. The Divine wants you to use your voice to put what you’re going through into words that resonate with your soul. 

That’s the only way you’ll be able to find harmony with your mind and soul. 

However, if you refuse to express your truth, you might find yourself struggling. It can manifest itself in a feeling of discomfort. If you experience it, it means that your guardian angel is trying to let you know that you’re not honest to yourself. 

For example, let’s say somebody has invited you on a date. You said yes because you didn’t want to hurt their feelings (even though your inner self kept saying no). 

So, if you suddenly began seeing number 3, start listening to your mind and intuition. Notice the feelings, inner irritations, and speak how you feel. Don’t try to suppress it, because it won’t go away no matter what.  

In Conclusin

When you keep stumbling on angel number 3 over and over again, you should know that your prayers are going to receive a response from the universe. 

Have faith in your dreams and goals, and with the help of the Divine, they’ll happen in the right place, at the right time.

And while you’re waiting, don’t forget to keep believing in yourself, your skills, and your talents. 

Angelic number 3 also encourages you to expand your social circle to receive hoy and bring more happiness into your life. 

Have a good day, my friends!

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What does the number 3 mean spiritually?

Many worldwide religions admire number 3 due to its unique spiritual meaning. Messages you may receive in your dreams or physically notify you that it is time to expand your social circles. Finding new friends and making social contacts with companions are useful quotes for lost people with poor communication skills.

What does 3 mean in astrology?

The astrological basis for number 3 refers to the influences of Jupiter intensity. This planet patronizes many positive emotions like joy, happiness, good fortune, success, and endless luck. So, follow this figure to realize glorious optimism in socializing activities.

Lisa is the founder of mindfulness and justice. She has practiced and studied numerology for the past 8 years and has now started to share her passion and knowledge.

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