Angel Number 33 Meaning & Symbolism

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Many people go through their entire lives without realizing that the universe is trying to communicate with them. But if you’ve noticed that the number 33 is repeatedly showing up in your life, you’re on track to realizing that your angels are trying to communicate with you.

But what does angel number 33 mean, and how can you prepare yourself to ensure that you’re getting everything out of it that you should? Because there’s so much confusion surrounding this powerful angel number, we decided to write this comprehensive guide to help walk you through everything you need to know. Keep reading to find out more.

Angel Number 33 Meaning?

Compared to many other angel numbers, angel number 33 is extremely challenging to interpret. That’s because it has such a wide range of interpretations and possibilities, and as such, it can manifest itself in a ton of different ways.

The angel number 33 correlates to an increase or expansion in your life. It also refers to keeping an open mind, staying spontaneous, developing special skills or talents, and finding unique ways to communicate and express yourself.

It’s a lot to take in, but the best part of angel number 33 is that it means an Ascended Master is near and guiding you with wisdom and life lessons. That might all seem like it’s a bit much, but with all the different ways angel number 33 can take you, it’s a good thing that an Ascended Master is close and helping ensure you’ll stay on the right path.

Angel Number 33 Meaning

What Does Angel Number 3 Mean?

Angel number 3 means everything angel number 33 means, except to a much lesser extent. The more 3s there are, the more amplified the results. So, if your angel number is only a single 3, you still should see some guidance from an Ascended Master, just don’t expect it to be at the same level compared to 33.

Still, don’t let that stop you from opening your mind up and being willing to accept new things or communicate in new ways. You might not get as much guidance to help you out as 33, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a transformational moment in your life.

Angel Number 33 and the Bible

To truly understand why 33 is so special and sacred, it’s essential to dive into the spiritual significance of the number. And just like how you’ll need a little help from an Ascended Master to help you interpret 33 in your life, you likely need a bit of guidance to interpret the significance of 33 in the Bible.

The first example of 33 in the Bible refers to the 33rd time it mentions Moses. It’s at this exact moment that God makes a special promise to Noah not to destroy the world with a flood. And the 33rd time the Bible mentions Ibraham is when the child promised by God to him is born.

And it’s no coincidence that this all happens on Ibraham’s 99th birthday. Because when you divide 99 by 3, you get 33. The most powerful and cryptic book in the Bible, Revelations, also makes use of the number 33. If you count up the number of times you can find that it’s used 33 times, and that’s no coincidence either.

Finally, perhaps the most powerful use of the number 33 is that it’s the age at which Jesus died, and it’s the same age he was when he ascended to Heaven. Considering 33 means that an Ascended Master is close, it’s no surprise that it’s the age that Jesus ascended to Heaven.

Add in their correlations to the number and their usage in the Bible and their subsequent notices to Moses and Ibraham’s messages from the ultimate Ascended Master, and there are strong underlying tones to more modern Ascended Masters guiding and influencing the actions of your life today.

Angel Number 33 and Your Love Life

While there are many possible interpretations of Angel Number 33, the spiritual world often uses angel numbers as guidance for your love life, and 33 is no different. However, whether you’re considering a new partner or about exploring new opportunities in your current relationship, angel number 33 is telling you to keep an open mind and consider new possibilities.

Perhaps you should consider a partner you wouldn’t typically consider, or maybe your current partner is pushing you in new directions you’re not as comfortable with. But while that’s one possible explanation for angel number 33, it can also be telling you that you need to find new ways to communicate effectively with your partner, and you might need to be a little more creative with it.

Another possibility is that it’s time for a more spontaneous interaction or date with a partner. If your relationship is a rut, angel number 33 could be guiding you into a way to spice things up a bit.

Finally, it could simply be referring to you finding a new partner and expanding your life, or it could mean that you and your partner are ready for children, and by such, increasing the numbers in your life. With so many possible interpretations, keep an open mind and look for signs from your Ascending Master to guide you in the right direction.

Angel Number 33 and Your Love Life

How Common Is Angel Number 33?

While it might seem like an extremely rare opportunity to have an Ascending Master help guide your life and interactions, the truth is that it’s a bit more common than you might think. If you’re keeping an eye out for angel numbers, you’ll likely find that angel number 33 is coming up more than you think.

That’s because humanity has been around for quite some time, and there are a good number of Ascended Masters that can help guide you when you need further instruction. While angel number 33 is more common than you might think, it often gets missed and overlooked.

But just because you’re overlooking how often it’s coming up doesn’t mean that an Ascended Master isn’t trying to guide your life. So, keep an eye out for 33, and you might just find yourself a bit surprised by how often it comes up in your life!

What to Do When You See Angel Number 33

With angel number 33, it can seem like a bit of a challenge to figure out your next steps. The truth is that when you see 33 over and over again, the most important thing you need to do is keep an open mind and look for further guidance.

Often the number 33 is the first angel number you see, then more angel numbers will keep popping up to give you further guidance. So, if you’re seeing angel number 33 and another angel number at the same time, it’s likely an Ascended Master pushing you in the right direction.

Don’t ignore this advice, as it’s guidance from one of the best sources out there to get you going in the right direction.

Outside of keeping an open mind and looking for more signs, you should also embrace new experiences and opportunities. It can be the perfect time to learn a new skill or trait that you otherwise wouldn’t have considered, or it might be pushing you towards a more unusual event.

While angel number 33 doesn’t tell you why you should embrace those new opportunities, the Ascended Master guiding your life sees something for you that you might not otherwise embrace for yourself, and that alone makes it a worthwhile investment!

33 And the Ascended Masters

There’s a ton of possible interpretations for the angel number 33, but the most powerful component of angel number 33 is one that’s not up for interpretation. If you’re noticing angel number 33 in your life, it means an Ascended Master is close and is looking to guide your life.

And while having an Ascended Master helping to guide your life is extremely beneficial whenever it happens, considering all the possible interpretations of angel number 33, it’s a good thing that the two things are tied together, otherwise you might never realize what’s going on and what you should do next!

what are Ascended Masters

What Are Ascended Masters?

With all this talk of Ascended Masters, it’s essential to know what an Ascended Master is if you’re going to fully understand their significance. An Ascended Master is a great teacher or prophet that has passed on and entered the spiritual world.

These great prophets and teachers devoted their lives on Earth and their time in the spiritual world to guiding people to greater experiences and personal growth, and they’re among the most effective people in the world to do it.

Ascended Masters can come from any background or religion, and they can come from any time in human history. There’s no hard-set rule for the criteria of who can become an Ascended Master that the physical world knows of, but we do know that the spiritual world only lets some of the most transformational people of all time become Ascended Masters.

While you might think that ancient Ascended Masters have no understanding of the world today because they’ve guided people throughout all of human history, they are some of the most powerful Ascended Masters out there.

Because of their plethora of experience and wisdom, getting guidance from an Ascended Master is even more powerful and significant than a traditional angel giving guidance through angel numbers. Take guidance from an Ascended Master even more seriously than other guidance, as they have the ability to push your life into a much better direction.

Tips For Keeping an Open Mind

While keeping an open mind is an essential part of angel number 33, it’s often one of those things that’s easier said than done. Because of this, we decided to highlight three different ways you can help yourself keep an open mind and accept new ideas when they come your way.

1. Ask Questions

When someone confronts you with something you don’t understand it’s important that you keep digging for more information. Ask questions to gain a better understanding, but don’t ask them in a way that offends or discredits the beliefs of others.

But that doesn’t mean that you should just stay bewildered and not try to get more information. Ask questions and see if you can’t see where they’re coming from before simply writing things off.

2. Stay Calm and Listen

When someone confronts you with a viewpoint that doesn’t match your own, it can be challenging to not let your emotions take over and cut their opinion off. However, when you stay calm and listen to everything they’re saying it can lead to further understanding, even if you still disagree with them in the end.

But if you’re unable to stay calm and listen to them explain themselves then there’s no way for you to start to understand where they’re coming from and gain a new perspective.

3. Stay Social and Meet New People

Whenever you meet new people, you’re bound to meet viewpoints that don’t match your own. While this can be a bit of a challenging experience, when you pair it with the other two tips we offered it works as a great way to keep an open mind about various topics.

Talk to them about the way you view things, and then listen when they tell you about their worldview. Those two views might not match, but that’s perfectly alright and simply listening to them can broaden your own view and lead to more personal growth!

tips for keeping an open mind

Final Thoughts

There are tons of numbers out there, but when you take a step back and look at them all, it’s not too hard to see the patterns start to emerge. That’s because one of the top ways the spiritual world likes to communicate with us is through numbers.

And if you didn’t realize how powerful and scary the number 33 is, hopefully now you understand its significance and why it’s not something you want to ignore. So, keep an open mind and keep looking, because other angel numbers will come your way, but you’re only going to be able to notice them and take their advice if you notice them in the first place!

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