Angel Number 44 Meaning & Symbolism

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If you keep seeing the number 44 everywhere you look it could be your angel number 44, then you have been Divinely blessed. Seeing angel number 44 is the answer to your prayers. If you see this number often, your angels are calling you to find out what your real purpose is and make the changes needed in your life to live a life aligned with your purpose.

You are entering a phase of existence in which you will be required to turn your focus inward and spend time discovering who you are. Once you reach this point, you will need strength and discipline to realize your true mission on this earth. The fear and lack of motivation you’ve been feeling lately is the catalyst that will inspire you to change and evolve.

Angel Number 44 – Why are you seeing it?

why you seeing Angel Number 44


Angel number 44 is a number of love, positivity, and getting a second chance at happiness. This number is a sign that your angels are surrounding you and pushing for you to be content, discover your true purpose, and find more enjoyment in your daily life.

This angel number 44 r is a symbol that you’re about to embark on the next phase of your spiritual adventure. It’s definitely a good omen when you see it and an indication that your luck is about to change. To make room for this, you need to purge yourself of any unnecessary baggage, including negative thoughts, people, and environments.

In reality, this might mean finding a new workplace, spending time with a different circle of friends, or introducing the practice of positive affirmations into your daily routine. Sometimes, activities such as yoga, journaling, and walks in nature can be helpful tools in cleansing your mind from unnecessary chaos and negative thinking. Similarly, if you often spend time with people who deplete your energy and make you doubt yourself, then angel number 44 is encouraging you to lovingly release them.

Meaning 1: Owning your magnitude

owning your magnitude - angel number 44

Yes, it’s time to step up and actualize your potential! Angel number 44 represents the power of possibility. Once you recognize that you are a formidable, magnificent being with an untapped supply of energy, you will be astounded at what you are actually capable of. 

Try to release your fears and keep your energy light. Be aware that you may face resistance to the “new you” and you may have to cut people from your life who are standing in the way of you realising your true potential. Certain people may unconsciously try and thwart your progress because they fear change but don’t worry, your angels will help you gently navigate the situation. But getting out of situations and away from people that don’t serve your greater purpose can be challenging. You may need to be brutal and brave with some people. Trust your intuition if you’re unsure of the best way to communicate with others.

Sometimes, angel number 44 appears to those who are natural healers as a subtle nudge to use their healing powers. Maybe you’ve neglected this aspect of yourself out of the fear of not being good enough, or maybe you’ve doubted whether your gift is real. The answer is yes, you do have the capability to heal but you have to be the one to make it happen. Begin slowly by using your healing powers on close friends and family until you gain the confidence to share your gift with the world.

If this is you, ask your angels to guide you on the best way to make use of and share this precious gift wisely.

Meaning 2 – New beginnings/relationships

relationships - angel number 44

If you are single and seeing angel number 44, be open to new situations and people – you never know when a seemingly trivial interaction could lead to a deeper connection with someone. You are in the right place mentally and emotionally for a real and inspiring relationship to blossom, but the angels want to remind you that for this to happen, your heart must remain open.

Don’t think about past relationships that have failed or the hurts and disappointments you’ve already suffered; rather, fill your mind with visions of the connection you seek. angel number 44 indicates that your luck in love has turned.

If you’re in a relationship, recognize the blessings you already have in your life and take notice of how far you’ve come and all the difficulties you’ve already overcome in your close relationships. The angels want you to acknowledge this, which will make you more appreciative of a new, healthy relationship or an improvement in your existing one.

Angel number 44 is also a sign of new beginnings in your career and starting afresh in something that you’re really passionate about. Yes, dedication and responsibility are important but you can earn a good living doing something you love, surrounded by people who love and appreciate you. It is possible for all of us. What’s key is to recognize when you are in the wrong place for you and make the change. When you see angel number 44, it’s a sign you should take a leap of faith.

Meaning 3 – Welcoming stability into your life and accepting the support of others

life stability - angel number 44

The angels are working together to make this happen for you but your part in the equation requires that you remain balanced and focussed. Be careful of allowing your lifestyle to lean heavily in one direction. Consider your life as a pie chart and ensure that each aspect of yourself – spirituality and faith, health, career, relationships, self-love, and, importantly, fun each have an equal piece of the pie. In this way, you can easily lead a balanced, content life. 

This is important because if you pour all your energy into one facet and neglect everything else, you will not be able to attain your potential in any area. You will only be truly content if your energy remains constant and doesn’t dip up and down erratically too.

Know that the level of supportive energy you’re receiving right now is profuse. This powerful energy is attracting new people into your life who are there to support you to welcome this new phase in – the right kind of people. These people are your people. They get you and it will feel wonderful to finally be surrounded by your tribe. Relinquishing the loneliness and otherness you’ve been feeling will soothe your soul too. It’s time to welcome people in with open arms and warmth and feel that you are part of something. Angel number 44 is a number of support and cohesion; we are all connected and here to help each other as much as possible.

Meaning 4 – Focussing on your passions

focus on your passion

You may have been doing the “right thing” and putting all of your effort and energy into your career or creating financial security in your life but seeing angel number 44 is a sign that you can now focus on your true passion in life. Angel number 44 means you have permission to do what delights your soul and focus on yourself, perhaps for the first time ever.

Maybe there’s an idea hidden deep within you that you’ve been too fearful to reveal up until now. Angel number 44 is a Divine sign that is safe to share your deepest desires with others and to trust that the Universe will support this decision. Sharing ideas, writing them down, and speaking about them, out loud, helps to make them more tangible and attainable and to make you more accountable. You should never feel guilt or shame about spending your precious time on activities that make your heart sing, no matter how insignificant they may seem to others.


Lucky you! Angel number 44 has come into your life to usher in a new era of happiness and good fortune. Revel and delight in the changes that are happening because they are there to help you ultimately become the best version of yourself. The time of floating around unsure, unfocused, and unguided is over. The Universe is supporting you because you have reached down deep and opened up your true desires. Being truthful with yourself and genuine with others unblocks energy and attracts better, brighter things into your world.

When you see angel number 44, it will spark the passion inside of you required to make the necessary changes you need. Where before you may have felt you couldn’t put your trust into others, angel number 44 is urging you to trust and communicate openly. Similarly, you are being gifted with the strength and the confidence to do this. You have been sent earth angels to help you, notice those around you, and ask for help.

It can be scary to truly allow abundance and contentment into your life. Don’t be afraid of things ‘going too well’ or of ‘being too happy’. You do deserve good things and, remember, there’s always enough to go around, so don’t limit the amount of joy, happiness, love, and wealth you allow into your life. Allow it to overflow and overwhelm you – and release any fear you’ve been holding in your heart.


What does the number 44 symbolize spiritually?

The number 44 is a tool used by angels to help people make predictions. The double 4 tells you to trust others and accept the help offered for your spiritual development. Angels want to improve your life and fill it with happiness, joy and an endless passion for service to humanity.

What does the number 44 mean in love?

The number 44 signals the need to turn your attention to real passions, which you may have for your hobby or a certain person. Material well-being is not the source of your happiness. You need to share and connect with your partner and discover new milestones to develop a mutual relationship.

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