Angel Number 555 meaning (Revealed)

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If you’ve noticed that number 555 has been following you around, you are probably wondering what it’s going to bring into your life. In this article we will explain the angel number 555 meaning.

The numerologist Doreen Virtue believes that you see certain numbers for a reason. She’s sure that angels send signs to their wards in the form of numbers or combinations of numbers. 

Nowadays, this field of numerology is called angelic numerology.  

So, according to angelic numerology, 555 signals about severe changes in your life. Usually, number 5 on its own brings positivity, but it’s not that simple with 555. 

Without further due, let’s figure out the meaning behind it together! 

Meaning Behind Angel Number 555

555 meaning

Numeric signals that angels send to their mentees can warn about major things (sometimes pleasant and thrilling, and sometimes not) coming your way, show a way out if you’re stuck, tell you about the mistakes you’ve made (or conversely, that you’ve done something right). 

In numerology, number 5 is a symbol of changes. Therefore, a 555 combination means that the power of a 5 is three times stronger. 

555 means that you’ll experience drastic changes, and probably receive something new. There’s no way to find out which area of life will be affected, but there are some options:

  1. Moving to a new house, city, or country 
  2. Divorce or new relationship
  3. Change of the job
  4. Transformation of the worldview, you might even change the religion
  5. Extreme adventure/trip
  6. New connections
  7. Establishment of a new skill or talent

So, are the changes going to be positive or negative? It depends on your mindset. It probably sounds cliche to you, but trust me on that. 

If you think about the upcoming changes optimistically, then they sure will bring you pleasure and inspiration. To succeed, you need to leave the fear behind and step into a new phase of your life. 

Another reason for seeing 555 is that the angels ask you to replace all insignificant things in life with something that matters to you. Have you been thinking about changing your job because the one you have right now isn’t fulfilling? Or maybe you hold on to material things that shouldn’t be around you? 

If you feel like this is about you, then you shouldn’t wait anymore! 555 signalizes you to finally start doing what you’ve wanted to do for a while. Don’t be afraid, as angels are always here to guide you. 

Keep praying and believing, and everything will finally come together. 

However, you also need to remember that this change might not be immediate. It can take time, as good things can’t be rushed. Let all the opportunities sink in and think about them thoroughly in order to make the right choice. 

Usually, number 5 comes with positivity. However, people whose personality number is 5 are quite confusing because their behavior continuously changes. If they suddenly become sad, they will lose control over the situation they’re in. 

How To Recognize Karmic Number 555

Angel number 555

In traditional numerology, people add numbers of the date of birth, first names, and last names. However, it is quite different in angelic numerology.

Angels send signals to people in the form of frequently repeated combinations of numbers. For example, you might look at the clock and see the same time every day, doesn’t matter if it’s 12:05 or 1:11. 

Another good example would be the combinations in the phone numbers, credit cards, or bank accounts. You might even see them on random license plates, banner ads, books, or newspapers.

A specific number will keep attracting your attention in one or the other way. So, don’t forget to pay attention, as many people just ignore the signs.

Angelic numerology and its terminology allow recognizing and interpreting the signs.

Sometimes a person stumbles on the same single-digit number, and sometimes it can be a combination made of two, three or more digits of different numbers.

Each separate digit and the combinations have their own, unique vibrations. There are no just good or bad combinations. Angels just send the signs and not clear directions.

What’s more, karmic numbers also characterize a personality, unique traits, and life perspectives. 

Personality of 555

Picure of 555 lights

People who often meet 555 in their life are idealistic from the day they are born. Their character traits, thoughts, and behavior are full of contradiction. 

Oftentimes, they can’t find their true calling in life and a place in this world. However, if they do find what they are looking for, they’ll be happy for the rest of their lives. 

555 personality values freedom more than anything. And I’m not talking about constitutional rights (which are also important!). Instead, I’m talking about the right to freely express their thoughts, choose people they want to communicate with, their hobbies, and jobs.  

These people can reach the highest tops in any career. In politics, the majority of 555 people support the liberal party. 

Positive traits of 555 personality: 

  1. Strong character. This person is ready for everything, can make responsible decisions, and take responsibility for others. 
  2. People connected to this number are usually balanced. It is quite hard to piss them off, and usually, they won’t show their emotions in public. 
  3. Bravery. People with this personality are ready to confront the whole world for a big idea. 
  4. Tolerance. Someone who can forgive other people’s mistakes rarely critiques other people’s opinions and actions. 
  5. Determination. A person with this personality always sets a goal for themselves and then tries very hard to reach it. 
  6. Rational thinking. Irrational decisions in the life of 555 personalities are extraordinary and happen extremely rare. The rational approach helps to reach material well-being. 

Negative traits of 555 personalities:

Even though people of this personality mostly have positive vibrations and character traits, some of these traits have to sides. Here are some of them:

  1. Mood swings. The day might be going wonderful, but suddenly, despair can attack you before going to bed. The worst part is that in the majority of the times, the reasons to be sad are usually far-fetched. 
  2. Disappointments. A born-to-be idealist wants to see the world and its habitats in the best light. However, unrealistic expectations usually lead to brutal disappointments. 
  3. Self-criticism. No doubt, it allows people with this personality to follow and reach their dreams and to be the best versions of themselves. However, if a person criticizes themselves way too much, then it results in low self-esteem. 

Therefore, it’s easy to see that people with 555 personality have many various facets and conflicts. It is exciting to be around them, yet very hard to build relationships with them. 

555 and Personal Life

Picture of spiritual symbols

Carriers of number 555 are in desperate need of love and long-lasting romantic relationships. Another important thing they’re looking for is creating a healthy, loving family. 

However, these wishes contradict with the character traits these people have. 

Love and the desire for freedom create a fear of marriage. They don’t want to be restricted by the family home, daily routine, and the expectations of the society. 

The tendency to idealize people also leads to disappointment in their partners. Sympathy slowly turns into indifference and sometimes even in resentment. 

Constant self-criticism creates an inferiority complex, which prevents them from opening-up and giving all their feelings to the partner. 

The relationships of people with number 5 often end with heated arguments, so a person with this personality ends up being alone yet still having their freedom.     

The main thing they need to learn is finding compromises and accepting other people’s flaws. If their personal life is always on edge, people with this personality need to change their perspective on freedom. 

Love is not going to restrict you. 

Rather, it’s going to give you strength and power to open new edges of the world. 

In Conclusion

If you notice that 555 is following you around, it is time to prepare for significant changes. And if you want them to be positive (and I’m pretty sure you do want that), then you should start setting your mindset for good things.

The angels want you to know that they’re right by your side, continually supporting, protecting, and encouraging you.

They know it can be challenging to handle big transitions, especially if it affects every aspect of your life. That’s why angels send the signals. They want you to know they are here, right by your side, and all you need to do is to ask for guidance. 

However, keep in mind that negative thoughts may cause you to lose focus by shifting your attention from present times to the past. And if you miss it, it can lead to missing turn which should have been taken, 

Be careful on your way, my friends, and be prepared for positive transactions.

Good luck!

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What is 555 angel number meaning love?

The genuine meaning of triple 5 is a drastic life change. Sudden transformations could bring sincere joy or sorrow. 555 symbolizes the opposite state in love – a passionate love story or heart-breaking divorce. However, both cases prepare you for life challenges you should honorably overcome and become a stronger person.

What is the 555 angel number meaning career?

To get ahead in your career, you need to put all your strengths, competencies, and expertise in order to achieve the desired goals. Angels are sending a 555 message to encourage change in your career.

What is the 555 angel number meaning manifestation?

555 is a strong signal to your spiritual nature. This number influences your karma. You need to solve negative emotions or thoughts if you wish to reach inward peace.

Lisa is the founder of mindfulness and justice. She has practiced and studied numerology for the past 8 years and has now started to share her passion and knowledge.

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