Angel Number 838 Meaning & Symbolism

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Angel number 838 

Seeing the same numbers repeatedly is a sign that the Universe is trying to send you a message of guidance. If you notice that a certain number keeps popping up, pay attention because it’s not a coincidence; it is Divine guidance.

For example, you may be reading a book before you go to sleep at night and you notice a certain number. And then, you wake up in the morning and you look at your watch and the number appears again. And then you get in your car and you drive to work and you see the same number on the street. If this is happening, it’s a clear sign your angels are sending you a message.

And when the number you’re seeing is number 838, it’s like a pat on the back from the Divine to let you know you are making progress. It indicates you are en route to reaching your potential and overcoming your fears and doubts. 

When this number appears in your life, it’s your angels’ way of urging you to have more confidence in your abilities and more belief in your personal power. It often appears when you’ve been allowing other people to hold you back or bring you down and the time has now come to let go of all the things that no longer serve you.

It will require you to be courageous and step out of your comfort zone. Initially, this may scare you and make you hesitant, but don’t allow this fear to hinder your progress. Feel the fear, and do it anyway.

Through angel number 838 you are being encouraged to surround yourself with positive, like-minded people who want the best for you as well for the greater good of humanity. In essence, your angels want you to elevate your circle and, in turn, yourself. 

Angel number 838 is a message of success, self-confidence, service to humanity, karma, and generosity. Similarly, it’s a symbol of abundance in all forms—spiritually, financially, and emotionally. 

What’s important is that you are truly prepared to receive such abundance. Sometimes, we are unaware of our own limiting beliefs that block us from either giving or receiving abundance – or both! As a result, this number often calls for some introspection when it comes to your core beliefs about wealth and abundance.

Often, we have limiting beliefs about abundance, especially financial abundance, that hold us back from fully accepting it into our lives. It’s worth delving into your “money legacy” because, often, limiting beliefs about money are passed down through a family. 

There are many reasons you could be seeing angel number 838; that’s why it’s important to be aware of what you’re feeling and thinking when you see this number. Often, that will give you a clue regarding the specific meaning of 838 for you.

Why am I seeing number 838?

You might be seeing this number because your angels are urging you to focus on healing your inner child. The presence of the 3 in this sequence is connected to your sense of self-worth which is often linked to your inner-child persona.

Over the years, you may have developed the belief that you are not worthy and because of this you have been blocking your own success on all levels by self-sabotage and self-doubt, even unknowingly sometimes. This number is a sign that you should look inwards in order to understand the motivation behind some of your actions.

This number is a call to take back your power and fulfill your true potential here on earth. You are being encouraged to wipe the slate clean emotionally, mentally, and physically and to remind yourself of your unwavering connection to Source. 

The Universe is sending you a call to action to let go of the ropes that have been tethering you to an unhappy past. The time has come to move forward now and release the negative energy that has been weighing you down.

Your angels want you to understand the infinite power of your own potential and they want you to live a life of joy and peace. They want you to know and actually believe that it is possible.

The presence of 838 in your life means that your angels are presenting you with opportunities and opening doors for you, so make sure that you are aware and open-minded during this time. It’s also important to be open to new opportunities and ways of doing things.

Interestingly, the number 3 represents the Empress in the tarot, which is a symbol of potential and transformation. Angel number 838 is also a palindrome number—the same whether you read it backwards or forwards—which in Greek means “to find a way again.” 

This meaning can be applied to your life—your angels are encouraging you to find a new way of approaching life and a new outlook based on your connection to the Divine.

Spiritually – angel number 838 meaning 

The number 8 alone carries the energy of karma, and since it appears twice in this sequence its influence is doubled. Karma is a universal law that states that what you give out will be returned to you. In other words, it’s a law of causality in which everything is cyclical.

This can obviously have both positive and negative outcomes. 

If you have been conscious of the interconnectedness of life and have been living with the awareness that your actions ultimately affect you too, then you will experience the positive results of karma. However, if you have been living mindlessly, without thinking about the greater good of your world as well as the people in it, then you are most likely experiencing the negative effects of karma. 

Either way, the presence of 838 in your life is a call to return to spirit and deepen your connection with Source. And it’s a reminder of the immense power of the law of attraction and how embracing it can change your life in profound ways. 

Spiritual tools, such as prayers, meditation, visualization, and affirmations can all be used to attract positive experiences and people into your life.

Angel number 838 meaning in love

When it comes to love, angel number 838 is a message from your angels to pay more attention to your partner. Life gets busy and because of this you may have let your partner slip to the bottom of your priority list. 

If this is so, angel number 838 is a reminder to value what’s important to you and make time and space in your life to appreciate and connect with your lover. Your angels want you to take the time to truly understand what makes your partner feel loved and then make time to do that for him/her.

If it’s you that’s feeling neglected and unloved in your relationship, angel number 838 is your angels’ way of urging you to love yourself more. They want you to believe that you are worthy of love and to stop all that negative self-talk that you’ve been allowing for so many years. 

If your core belief is that you are not worthy of love and respect, you will not be able to have a fulfilling relationship. Only once you love and accept yourself as you are, can you experience real love with another.

So, when this number shows up, it’s a sign that it’s time to do some deep introspection and work on your inner self. Have faith that your angels are supporting you on this journey, and you are being Divinely guided through this process.

Once you release the unhealthy, self-limiting beliefs and thoughts that have so far been clouding your mind, you will be amazed at the space you create for more love and fulfillment to flood into your life. 

If you’re single, this also applies because the closer you get to embracing your inner power and potential, the more like-minded people you will attract into your life and the healthier relationships you will start to have. 

The Universe wants you to be happy and feel loved but in order to have this, you need to be brave and give it your all – don’t hold anything back. And most especially, don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability.

Angel number 838 meaning in numerology

In numerology, we have to talk about the energy the numbers carry alone to fully understand the energy of the number altogether. So, number 8 refers to inner strength and undiscovered potential or abilities. It carries the energy of motivation and success and, of course, karma.

The number 3 is a symbol of bravery, growth, optimism, and open-mindedness. It’s also a highly spiritual number. 

Altogether, 838 is a sign of encouragement from the Divine to dig down deep and discover your true potential, as well as to focus on your karmic influence in the world. 

Sometimes, angel number 838 arrives as a warning to be more aware of the consequences of your actions. Your angels want you to remember that whatever you’re putting out into the world is coming back to you at some point. 

Other meanings of number 838

The presence of the 3 in this number sequence is significant because 3 is representative of powerful things in the Universe. Number 3 is the number of the Universe; the triangle of life (beginning, middle, end); the trinity in Catholicism; and the connection between mind, body, and soul. 

Altogether, number 3 represents alignment of all aspects of the self and when it appears in your life, it’s important to stay positive and welcome the transformation that will ultimately change your life for the better.

Angel number 838 meaning in your career

When angel number 838 appears in your life in relation to your career, it indicates that an increase in financial abundance is imminent. This number is a sign that you are in the right place and doing what needs to be done. 

The Universe is acknowledging your hard work and rewarding you. Even if you’re currently experiencing setbacks or difficulties in your work, don’t despair because soon the situation will be resolved. 

This is especially true if you have your own business and you’ve been feeling like throwing in the towel. Don’t give up yet, you are almost there – success is just around the corner. Your angels believe you have the skills and determination to succeed, so have some faith in your ability and the patience to wait out the hard times. 

Overall message of angel number 838

Ultimately, angel number 838 vibrates with the energy of an overall feeling of enhanced self-worth and confidence. 

It appears in your life as a sign of encouragement from the Divine that you have the power to make real and lasting changes in your life. Seeing this number should give you the confidence you need because your angels are supporting you every step of the way. This support will give you the impetus you need to believe in yourself. 

Through number 838 you are being encouraged to keep going on the path you’re already on – this is not the time to make drastic changes in your love life or switch careers. You are being Divinely guided and, through these numbers, being given the energy and motivation needed to persevere.

All you need to do is surround yourself with inspiring, positive people who bring out the best in you and focus on giving out into the Universe what you wish to receive. 


What is the angel number for love?

Single, double, or triple digits which contain 2, 8, or 3 inform you of your destiny. Do not miss such messages and be aware of numerological protection signals to find a truthful life partner.

What does it mean if your angel number is 8?

Those with the number 8 life path are blessed by fate and destined for financial prosperity. They hardworking and independent. Therefore, intense self-sufficient features restrict such persons from social communication ties with family members, friends, colleagues, and others.

What does Angel Number 838 mean in love?

In love affairs, the number 848 means that you should not dwell on any love problems and keep on living and doing what you like. You must be open and ready to compromise. Happiness is possible when you are in harmony with yourself.

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