Angel Number 858 Meaning & Symbolism

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Angel Number 858

When the same number shows up in your life repeatedly, don’t mistake it as a mere coincidence. This is the Universe’s way of sending you an important message of guidance, and it’s called an angel number.

Your angels use all different methods to try and send you signs; but, numbers are usually used because we notice them the most. So when you see a certain number, pay attention because you are receiving a message from the Divine via your angels.

If the number you’re seeing everywhere is 858, it has many different meanings and it will take some introspection on your part to understand the specific meaning for you and your life. It carries the vibrations of wealth, abundance, achievement, self-confidence, and wisdom. 

Number 8 is believed to represent karma, which is the universal law of cause and effect. In other words, what you give out into the universe comes back to you. The fact that there are two 8s in this sequence means its effect is doubled in your life right now. 

Angel number 858 also carries the energy of change, freedom, spontaneity, and adaptability. Altogether, angel number 858 will bring prosperity, growth, and transformation into your life. This is an exciting time to be you.

Angel Number 858

Why am I seeing this number?

You are seeing this number because your angels are letting you know that you are doing the right thing or that you’re heading in the right direction. The Universe is sending you number 858 as a sign of acknowledgment and affirmation that your angels are happy with your progress. 

Every time you see angel number 858, take it as a sign that you should keep going. Perhaps you’ve been doubting yourself and worrying that you are on the wrong path or with the wrong person. 

If this resonates with you, and you start seeing angel number 858, then trust your angels that you are where you are meant to be.

Another reason you are seeing this number is to let you know that major change is coming your way. As scary and overwhelming as this may seem initially, the transformations you will soon experience will change your life for the better. 

It’s best to go with the flow and welcome these changes with an open heart. 

Another reason you might be seeing angel number 858 is a reminder from your angels to allow the past to be your teacher. In other words, they want you to try and learn from your past mistakes and use these negative experiences to improve who you are today. 

In this way, you will continue to evolve and improve as a person. If you know in your heart that there’s a certain aspect of yourself or your behavior that needs improvement, then this is the time to do the work. 

Most importantly, when you do begin to do the real hard work on yourself, celebrate your small successes. It’s not easy to change, and your angels are aware of this. 

Allow yourself to feel gratitude and joy for what you have achieved. The Universe wants the best for you, and part of that is acknowledging the small victories along the way.

Spiritually – angel number 858 meaning 

Angel number 858 is an indication that your spiritual life needs some TLC. This number usually appears when you’re feeling emotionally spent and you need some support or even just a break. 

If your life seems to have run away from you and you find yourself on a hamster wheel of endless, meaningless activity, then angel number 858 is a sign that you need to step off the wheel and refocus your energy on what gives you purpose. 

Your angels are sending you this number as a reminder of why you are here. You can start by introducing small pockets of mindfulness into your day, such as a mid-day walk in a park or having a peaceful early-morning coffee in the garden. 

Looking after yourself doesn’t have to be drastic; small daily activities that bring more peace to your life can make a big difference.

Through this number your angels are letting you know that this spiritual shift is being Divinely guided. Your angels are urging you to manifest a more spiritual life; don’t ignore this message. 

Angel number 858 meaning in love

When angel number 858 starts appearing in connection with your love life, it indicates that there will soon be changes occurring. This could either mean change within your current relationship or perhaps change from an outside influence. 

If you do start to feel that aspects of your relationship are changing, don’t resist this transformation because your angels are leading you on this path for your own good. Ultimately, this journey will bring you closer together. 

Angel number 858 can be a call to strengthen your connection and allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to be truly intimate with your partner. Intimacy is about showing the truth of your heart to another person, and true intimacy is what cements a relationship together.

This shift in closeness may lead to major changes, such as moving in together, getting engaged or married, or having children. The depth of the shift that occurs depends on what you really want and allow. 

Angel number 858 is also a sign that you have made good progress in your relationship and your angels are acknowledging the major effort you have put in to make this happen.

Angel number 858 meaning in love

Angel number 858 meaning for twin flames

If you’re single and start seeing angel number 858, it’s good news—true love is on the horizon. Furthermore, the person you will meet soon will also be your twin flame. 

A twin flame is someone that is a mirror soul of you and who reflects back to you all your positive and negative characteristics. These relationships tend to be intense and passionate with many highs and lows because seeing your own qualities in someone else can be challenging. 

The good thing is that a twin-flame relationship will teach you a lot about yourself. The intense bond that develops between twin flames is often beautiful and transformative. 

It’s important to trust your angels to support you during this time and accept that everything will turn out as it should because it’s being Divinely guided. Have patience and place all your trust in the Divine. 

This meeting of mirror souls will only happen when the time is right. In the meantime, enjoy your freedom and focus on yourself.

If you’re already in a twin-flame relationship and you’ve been finding the relationship extremely draining and challenging, angel number 858 is a sign that all will be well soon. It’s as if you’re receiving a message of hope from your angels to inspire you not to give up now. 

This number is a sign that you should take some time away from each other. Go on a solo holiday or, if that’s not possible, go and stay with a friend for a while. 

Do whatever you can to put some space between you and give yourselves a breather. It will do wonders for your relationship. 

Angel number 858 meaning for twin flames

Angel number 858 meaning in numerology

In numerology, we need to consider the energy of the numbers individually as well as a whole sequence. 

Number 8 by its very nature is a symbol of the infinite nature of life. It holds the energy of karma, death, rebirth, and the never-ending cycle of life. It’s a sign that every situation is temporary, so if you’re going through a difficult period, you can take comfort in the fact that nothing lasts forever. 

Number 8 is also a symbol of freedom, personal autonomy, and power. It brings confidence, purpose, and truth into your life. Due to its cyclical nature, it’s similarly associated with the law of attraction. 

The law of attraction, similarly to karma, means that like attracts like. So, if you spend the majority of your time thinking about all the negatives in your life or all your problems, you will simply attract more of that same energy to you. 

Similarly, the power of the law of attraction can be put to good use to attract all the wonderful things you want in your life and to manifest the life of your dreams.

Number 5 vibrates with the energy of transformation. It’s a very powerful number to receive because so many elements of the Universe are connected to the number 5. For example, we have five senses and there are five elements, namely earth, fire, water, air, and space. 

When this number shows up in a sequence, it’s often about acceptance and letting go of outdated ways and thinking in order to embrace the change that is coming your way. It’s all about hope, prosperity, and versatility. 

When a 5 is surrounded by 8s as it is in number 858, it often indicates that the change that is imminent is associated with your karma. This change can therefore be either positive or negative, depending on the choices you’ve made so far. 

Altogether, angel number 858 is a call to be more inwards focussed and work towards developing yourself in any way you can to manifest a better life overall. This is a wondrous number to receive because in essence, the Universe is encouraging you to invest in yourself.

Angel number 858 meaning in numerology

Angel number 858 meaning in your career

Angel number 858 is also a message of change when it comes to your career. This can be a good thing if you’ve been feeling demotivated and in a rut at work; however, if you’re happily content in your current job, this message can be daunting. 

Try not to worry as your angels are supporting and protecting you through every step of this transformation. 

Through this number, you are being encouraged to take a leap of faith and start working something new. Whether that is a business idea that’s been brewing in your mind for years or a career move that you’ve been secretly wanting to make, now is the time to do it. 

You have the potential to be completely satisfied with your work and feel purposeful; you don’t have to “settle” for a job you actually hate. There are always opportunities for growth, you simply have to open your eyes and amend your perspective. 

Your angels are showing you this number to let you know that you are being Divinely supported and you should have faith in yourself to take the plunge.

Another reason you may be seeing this number is as a call to be more focussed on what you want to achieve in your career. 

Your angels know that you work extremely hard and that you are very diligent; however, you may be scattering your energy around rather than focusing on the most important thing. 

Angel number 858 is a reminder to focus on your goals. If you struggle to focus, use tools and reminders to keep you on track. 

You have come so far already, the energy of this number will give you the final impetus you need to succeed. Use the powerful, decisive energy this angel number brings into your life to streamline your work and reach your goals. 

Overall message of angel number 858

What it boils down to is that when you see angel number 858, you are being reminded to be conscious of the effect of the law of attraction in all areas of your life. 

Your angels are calling on you to be more aware of what you think about every day because your thoughts are powerful. 

Think about what you want to achieve and of all the blessings you already have in your life. Having genuine gratitude for your blessings will help you to manifest even more abundance—physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. 

When you start from a place of gratitude, it allows you to release your attachment to any negativity and to the past and, in turn, frees up the space in your life for abundance to flow in. It also gives you the freedom of mind to focus on your goals and allows you to devote your energy to achieving them, rather than obsessing over yesterday, last month, or last year.

In essence, your angels are sending you this number because they want you to allow the energy that number 858 carries to transform your life in wondrous ways.

Lisa is the founder of mindfulness and justice. She has practiced and studied numerology for the past 8 years and has now started to share her passion and knowledge.

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