Manifestation Magic Review – The Science To Happiness and Wealth

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Once reserved for the affairs of the heart, the laws of attraction can be applied to all areas of existence. Usually expressed in clichés, such as “you make your own luck” or “you are the captain of your own destiny”, the idea of attracting success into one’s life has a long history, even if it does seem to be the purview of the new age movement.

However, with the recent turbulent global economy and an increasingly stratified society, the cult of celebrity and the growing cultural inequity, abundance manifestation programs have become quite popular.

Results after 24 hours

As a long-term student of mysticism and alternative practices, I know how difficult it is to trust a claim or to truly believe the latest trends. I confess that I have completed various programs, only to reach the end, to sit and wait, and for nothing to happen. Frustration does not even begin to describe the feelings of “failure”.

Nonetheless, I recently discovered the wonder of Manifestation Magic, a program that promises evidence of success and money within 24 hours of starting. Sounds too good to be true, correct? And yet, there is ample proof to support not only the claims of the creator but also the science behind the program.

Utilizing frequencies to reprogram your brain

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Started by Alexander Wilson, an aspiring writer who had been down on his luck until he had the good fortune to meet an enlightened and intuitive Uber driver named Phoenix, Manifestation Magic shares his experience and his success. She imparted her secret wisdom regarding “frequencies” to him, and once he started utilizing her advice, his life began to change drastically.

The program provides a solution for every problem with his powerful formula

In many ways, we can all relate to Wilson’s story. Not only do we inherently love a “rags to riches” tale, but we also empathize with someone who shares a degree of our own misfortune. Whether it is the loss of a job or the breakup of a relationship, misery loves company, and people seek practical and quick solutions to their problem.

Naturally, when someone has similar problems, we want to know how they overcame them, and Wilson’s story gives a clear solution outline. And everyone wants a winning lottery ticket.

For me, Wilson’s three tragedy weekend (they always seem to come in threes, don’t they?) rang a much too familiar bell. Quite frankly, thinking positively and reiterating a wide array of cliché simply wasn’t working. For some people, tropes of “everything happens for a reason” or “It will all be OK” are fodder for survival.

However, for self-proclaimed cynics such as myself, I prefer a more physical approach.

Even Wilson’s fated meeting with Phoenix is also appealing, since every day we meet people who can change our lives with a simple suggestion, answer, or decision. In this instance, Phoenix provided Wilson with the concept of frequency, which he then refined into a true science and called “Energy Orbiting”.

Energy orbiting: Address the Cause – Create the Solution

Energy orbiting is the means by which one changes the negative traumas, ideas, and beliefs in the subconscious and conscious minds into positive experiences. Using soundwave technology, energy orbiting rewires the brain to manifest your desires.

Working with audio engineers, musicians, and scientists, Wilson has created a package of audio materials for brainwave entrainment frequencies.

The radio sound waves instill a sense of calmness in the listener, while killing vibration blocks in the mind. Those blocks are the ones keeping you on a lower frequency, hindering you from raising your vibration and receiving abundance.

In fact, it is suggested that up to 95% of us are functioning on a lower frequency, mired in self-doubt, insecurity, and negativity. When the world appears to be collapsing, it is difficult to achieve a “zen” state. There is little wonder that anxiety and depression are dramatically surging in these dire times.

Making the Mind Work for You

The brain has three different types of wave levels on which it can function. Although this program involves all of them, the two most significant ones are Beta and Theta. The Beta state is characterized by our daily wakefulness and activity, offering concentrated attention, problem-solving, and decision making.

The Theta state is when the unconscious pathway connections process and retain information. It also produces intense calmness, akin to meditation, or deep sleep. Working within the confines of the Theta state produces the following benefits:

  • Assisting with anxiety and stress
  • Rewriting subconscious thought patterns
  • Mind restoration
  • Enhanced visualization abilities
  • Enhanced creativity

Medical studies have shown that Buddhist monks who consistently practice meditation are in a Theta state. Unfortunately, those of us who have not taken refuge in the Sangha and who do not have the time to meditate for hours daily are at a distinct disadvantage for reaching a permanent Theta state.

Therefore, the Manifestation Magic package aims to target the Theta state by including subliminal mind commands to challenge long-held limiting beliefs and to clear negativity. It is a unique amalgamation of guided hypnosis and sound therapy for the express purpose of upgrading your vibration and receiving abundance.

A Total Package for Life Transformation

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As described above, the entire package consists of reading and audio materials. Specifically, the program includes The Twilight Transformation Energy Orbiting track, the Quick Manifestation Guide, a 10-minute Meditator Theta Audio Part 1, a 10-minute Meditator Theta Audio Part 2, and a Daytime Wealth Activator Beta Audio.

Years ago (more than I care to admit), when I was a University student, I had a friend who was studying psychology. He had invested in a “mind machine” that altered the user’s brain waves through sound and light, taking people from the Beta state to the Theta state.

My shocking experience

Although we were mere university students, experimenting with different states and settings, we all did experience minds that were thoroughly open to addressing deep-seated beliefs.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that Magic Manifestation is based on the same premises, but does not require a cumbersome machine or eye mask.

However, headphones are necessary for audio work. According to Wilson, he and his sound engineers have created a way for you to go from Beta to Theta in eight minutes, thereby offering a “short cut” to the end result.

By listening to the audio and subliminal commands, and setting intentions, success can be yours more quickly and efficiently than starting a meditation or affirmation practice from scratch.

The Need to Believe is Real!

The assertion that no manifestation program will be successful unless deep-rooted beliefs are acknowledged and reversed is completely correct. This notion would explain why so many people have mixed results with other manifestation programs since so few of them attempt to get to the heart of the matter.

If on a very basic core level, you do not believe that you deserve abundance or that prosperity is only for the lucky few, then you will not have the results you desire. Sometimes, you might not even be aware of self-limiting beliefs, so the opportunity to “reset” your mind is essential.

Easy to apply and a low price tag

Compared with other manifestation programs, which run as high as $2000, Manifestation Magic does not require weeks or months, workbooks and exercises, lists, and classes. It truly is easy and simple, since you merely need to follow the guide, listen to the pertinent audio passage before sleeping, and set an intention.

Wilson promises that the next day, you either will receive actual money or work, or a “neon” sign that the universe is setting things in motion to manifest your desires soon. He believes this so much, that he offers a money-back guarantee.

It is hard to ascertain if any abundance manifestation program is a scam or a quick cash grab, taking advantage of desperate people while offering fake hope. However, not only does Wilson’s money-back guarantee provide solace, but also the initial low price and the testimonials from satisfied customers reinforce buying confidence.

Making Changes Happen

In general, this program is for anyone who is distressed, having undesired or frustrating results in life, and feeling stuck in repetitive patterns.

If you want to learn to meditate and to master your visualizations, to manifest your dreams, and to develop stronger personal relationships and to reprogram your beliefs for success and abundance, then this is definitely a viable course. You will also stop negative ideas and feelings that are obstacles on the path to a comfortable and high vibrational consciousness.

My life was going downwards until I was introduced to Manifestation Magic

As I briefly noted earlier, the last three years had not been particularly kind to me.

Like Wilson, crisis after crisis befell me over a series of months, leaving me grasping at any straw, much less a solid lifeline. After struggling with job loss, dwindling savings, health issues, and a broken heart, all I could do were curse the universe for this turn of unbelievably bad luck.

Anyone of these factors could have sent a person into a tailspin, but here I was, battling chaos on four distinct fronts. Also, my car was home to a raccoon that had babies in the trunk, and I had to deal with that mess.

It might seem like a small thing, but when I saw that mother raccoon with her babies, taking on the world against all odds, I saw a glimmer of hope. I started to think that I could use my mind to make my life a better place for me.

As much as I mollified myself with the notion that these were incidents meant to cleanse the toxic and unneeded from my life, setting the stage for a new chapter, one filled with light and love, I just could not really believe it. I was exhausted, stressed, and depressed.

Rather than anything improving, everything kept getting worse, until I found myself in the hospital, without medical insurance. Because my condition was life-threatening, the lack of medical insurance (and the hefty price tag) was actually the least of my worries.

I thought back to the raccoon in the trunk of my car, and something clicked. The world is hard on us, and we need to be able to work in our own interests. That mommy raccoon didn’t have the best chance at life, but she made it work.

When I was released from the hospital, I made the decision that something had to change, that I had to start a new beginning on my own initiative. I needed to be “lighter” in every way, from the color of my hair and the color of my aura to the weight on my shoulders and the thoughts in my mind.

Although I reignited my Buddhist studies and meditation practice, I also tapped into a spiritual side, and two of my friends introduced me to Manifestation Magic.

Always the skeptic, I listened to their tales, and while one half of me desperately wanted to believe, the other half secretly scoffed. But then I realized that I had nothing to lose (yet another cliché, but this one quite apt), and the price for the program was beyond reasonable.

I Needed Help

Had I not spent twice that price on various books on manifesting?

Had I not sat through endless affirmation sessions and completed myriad tasks in an attempt to invite abundance or luck into my haphazard life?

Had I not spent $40 on tarot card readings?

Surely, I could spend $47 on a program that was science-based and recalled my college hijinks with the infamous “mind machine”.

Even though I was overly cautious about the notion of hypnosis and mind commands, the simplicity of Manifestation Magic certainly appealed to me as well. I already listened to music before I went to sleep anyway, and I had attended enough Gong Baths and Healing Bowl sessions to understand the importance and the power of sound waves.

Even the great Carl Jung discussed sound waves in his symbolism analyses, so I was in excellent company. Did you know that sound is actually the same kind of vibration that creates the entire universe?

It is true. We live in a massive vibration, and this program helped me to see that the song of life has to be sung in order to be lived fully. When we stop singing, we stop living.

Much to my cynical chagrin, things did start to improve almost immediately.

I become a partner – A sign of a better life

Although I had secretly hoped that $10,000 would arrive on my doorstep, I received a series of smaller signs from the universe to keep me going and to keep me believing. I received an offer to become a partner in a business, which meant I would have a job, an income, and benefits.

My friend then helped me find a place to live, where I didn’t have to pay rent for the first three months. Then key part-time jobs and freelance projects began appearing steadily, meaning that finally, after almost two years, money was coming into the bank, rather than leaving it.

And it kept coming, a steady stream of interesting jobs, that provided me not only with income, but also with flexibility. Working 9 to 5 in an office never appealed to me, and here I had managed to arrange a diverse, busy, and interesting schedule that engaged me and allowed me to get back on my feet.

Miracles Can Happen to You

The universe was certainly making a well-honed network, since word of mouth among friends and colleagues brought even more opportunities, including guest lectures, consulting projects, and article writing. However, the best came shortly thereafter, when my business partner and I landed an incredibly lucrative consulting job in two different countries.

Because my partner is such an amazing person, he literally gave me free rein of the project and conceded 90% of the revenue to me.

As much as I would like to take all of the credit for this reversal of fortune, I must redirect the focus to Manifestation Magic, which allowed me to confront and to change the long-held beliefs, molded in childhood, that I did not deserve wealth and success, that I was not upper class, that I should be humble and grateful for the crumbs I had.

I always had wanted more, but had felt ill at ease, like an imposter, and I was an easy target for bullying, despite my sassy mouth.

Make Room for the Miraculous in Your Life

Even with COVID-19 wreaking havoc with the economic and social systems across the globe, I have remained employed, with a nice income, and I have even been able to save money.

Of course, I am thoroughly concerned about the state of the world, and I have immense respect for essential workers in all roles, yet I have been one of the lucky ones, and I am thankful not only to the universe but also to Manifestation Magic for helping to build my confidence and strength.

My personal story illustrates the power that we can all harness, not only to take back our lives, but also to improve them. It is easy to talk about creating change, but until we decide to take action in a positive direction, nothing will ever change.

Manifestation Magic has helped with my meditation practice and Buddhist studies as well, encouraging me to embrace the Theta State and to clarify my Beta waves.

Science definitely supports the findings of this program, so if you are a bit jaded, as I was, then there are facts, figures, studies, and hundreds of success stories to convince you of the efficacy of manifesting abundance.

This product really does unblock limiting beliefs to curate happiness, a pessimist turned believer is an impressive testament in itself.

However, both medical and psychological research has confirmed that hearing certain sound frequencies can indeed transform the way in which the brain works. This is what truly makes Wilson’s Manifestation Magic different from other abundance programs; it is literally rewiring your brain for success.

Even in the midst of mayhem and uncertainty, you can be your own safe haven, and even if you are currently content, there is no need to wait for misfortune to visit. Take a chance and jump into the unknown energy orbit and quickly start your new life of prosperity.


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Lisa is the founder of mindfulness and justice. She has practiced and studied numerology for the past 8 years and has now started to share her passion and knowledge.

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