What Is My Angel Number?

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What Is My Angel Number?

When searching for my first apartment to rent, I had so many applications turned down, but on the 3rd of March, I finally got approved to rent a great apartment in a good neighborhood. It was number 33 on the 3rd floor of the building.

Recognizing your Angel number is deeply personal, as it should hold significant meaning to you. Identifying the significance of your number may help you understand what message it is trying to convey. Based on Numerology, your angel could be based on your Soul Urge, Destiny, or Life Path Number.

Angel numbers are not scientific, but many have noticed that specific number sequences occur at interesting times in their lives. Are angel numbers pseudo-science, or is there something more at play? Let’s find out what the origin of angel numbers is and what your number might be.

What Is My Angel Number

Where Do Angel Numbers Come From?

The concept of angel numbers has its beginning in Numerology. Numerology teaches that numbers have hidden meanings. Everyone has their own unique set of numbers assigned to them at birth.

According to Numerology, numbers such as your date of birth and the numeric value of the letters in your name hold significance. The earliest known forefather of Numerology was the famous mathematician Pythagoras, who believed that the world could be described in terms of numbers.

The study of numbers led Pythagoras and his followers to conclude that: “All is number.” In other words, every physical object or idea can be expressed or represented by a series of numbers or measurements.

Pythagoras made significant mathematical discoveries in his time, some of which used numbers to explain the naturally occurring phenomenon in nature, such as the Fibonacci Sequence.

The “number mysticism” that excited Pythagoras and his followers in approximately 560 BC eventually died out but was revived in the 1800s by L. Dow Balliet. She published several books echoing Pythagoras’ theory that numbers have unique vibrations.

Fast forward to modern times, and these same themes emerge as ‘Angel Numbers.’ The term was coined by Doreen Virtue, a (previous) champion of the New Age movement. Virtue extends the idea of Numerology, claiming that all numbers have a vibrational frequency. When specific numbers stand out to an individual, they are messages from your spirit guides, Ascended Masters, or angels.

Angel Numbers should be taken with a pinch of salt, like reading your daily Horoscope. Their meaning may be highly individualistic. For instance, one person may think that number eight is bad luck, while others may believe it is lucky.

How To Recognize Your Own Angel Number

Recognizing your personal Angel Number is not as simple as picking your favorite number. You may have many stories about how good things always happen on specific dates. Over your lifetime, you will notice that particular numbers take on meaning to you.

You may also have learned that specific numbers always signal a spate of bad luck. You need to take notice of the events when your Angel Numbers tend to pop up and your emotional state, thoughts, and issues you may be facing at the time.

Remember that Angel Numbers need to occur often in unexpected places to be relevant. The repetition of these numbers is what signals that it may contain a message or trying to attract your attention.

An example of this is that you may wake up randomly at 01:11 in the morning, later that same day, you find yourself number 11 in line at the Post Office, and when a new acquaintance scribbles down their cell phone number, you notice that it ends in 111.

Take note of what is happening in your life when these coincidences occur; for instance, you may be worried about making a particular decision, such as accepting a new job.

How To Recognize Your Own Angel Number


Personal Angel Numbers Derived From Numerology

Because the concept of Angel Numbers has a strong link to Numerology, some numbers have special relevance for you. Take note when numbers are linked to your Life Path, Soul Urge and

Numerology provides formulas to determine your specific Life Path Number, Soul Urge Number, and Destiny Numbers. You can note when these numbers start to appear in your day-to-day life and see whether they nudge you in a particular direction.

Life Path Numbers As Angel Numbers

Life Path Numbers help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, hidden talents, and in which direction your natural ambitions may lead you.

Calculating your life path number is simple. The Life Path Number consists of all the numbers in your birth date reduced to a single digit. The only exception is for numbers 11 and 22, which are Master Numbers.

11 and 22 are considered master numbers in Numerology and hold special meaning. If you have added up all the numbers in your birth date, and the result is 11 or 22, do not reduce them by addition (making 1+1=2 or 2+2=4)

For example,

if your birthday is 25/07/1981. Next, add up all the numbers as follows:

The date 25 is added together: 2+5=7

The month 7 remains a single digit: 7

The numbers in the birth year are added: 1+9+8+1= 19

Reduce the number 19 even further: 1+9= 10

Reduce the number 10 to the single digit 1 (1+0=1)

Add up all the different numbers: 7+7+1=15

Finally, Reduce 15 to a single digit by addition:


The number 6 would then represent your Life Path Number.

Using Destiny Numbers As Angel Numbers

Destiny numbers use a system designed initially by Pythagoras, who gave numerical values to the letters in the alphabet. Destiny numbers are calculated by adding the numeric value of all the letters in your full birth name and surname.

Destiny numbers describe the potential each of us possesses. It represents the highest ideal suited to you. Often the Destiny Number can reveal which direction your life’s work will take you. Your Destiny Number can describe career paths and natural talents. It is also known as the number of expression.

Make sure to add in any second (or third) names you may have, and do not use any nicknames. Married surnames are not used in this instance, only maiden names. Use the name you were given at birth, so if you changed your name during your lifetime, do not use it here.

The numeric values given to each letter are as follows:

A, J, S =1

B, K, T =2

C, L, U =3

D, M, V=4

E, N, W=5

F, O, X =6

G, P, Y =7

H, Q, Z =8

I, R =9

Soul Urge Numbers As Angel Numbers

The Soul Urge Number, or Expression Number or Hearts’ Desire. This number represents your inner world and natural desires. It can reveal the deeper intentions behind your actions.

If you notice that your Soul Urge number repeatedly represents itself, you may want to investigate whether it may be calling you towards your true self. Soul Urge numbers can influence your life decisions such as lifestyle, career, and friendships.

3 and 5.

To calculate your Soul Urge number, you must add all the vowels in your birth name. The letters A, E, I, O, and U are all vowels. Sometimes, the letter Y could be considered a vowel, depending on how it is used in your name. Click here to check whether the Y in your name should be regarded as a vowel.

If your birth name is John Doe, you will calculate the vowel in your first name: John. John contains only one vowel: 0, which has the numeric value of 6

The surname Dudley contains two vowels: U and E, which has the numeric values of

 In this case, the Y in “Dudley” is used as a consonant and should not be added to the equation. Add all the numbers together as follows: 6+3+5 = 14. Reduce the number 14 even further by adding 1+4, giving you the soul urge number of 5.

Personal Angel Numbers Derived From Numerology

Meanings For Angel Numbers Based On Your Life Path

Your Angel Numbers should hold specific meaning in your life for your present situation. You may notice that you will see different number sequences start to emerge at certain points in your life. 

Your particular Angel Number may be a single digit or a string of digits. Keeping this in mind, common understandings of what specific numbers may mean do exist. These meanings have been drawn mainly from their significance in Numerology.

Angel Numbers may appear as a warning, a sign of good fortune, or simply as an encouragement or confirmation to pursue a particular path. So, when you notice your life path number repeatedly presents itself, look deeper for the underlying message.

Becoming familiar with your numbers may help you understand the message they are trying to convey. Here are the meanings of the Life Path Numbers:

Angel Number 1

As a Life Path number, One is a profoundly spiritual number, but it is expressed in action. People with this Life Path Number have dominant, energetic personalities focusing on results. As natural-born leaders, their instincts are to protect and forge a successful path ahead.

A life lesson ones need to learn is to trust people around them. They tend to prefer everything themselves and are envious of those they perceive to have more power than them. This could lead to a rather lonely life.

Angel Number 2

Two is a highly feminine number, representing the balance of strength and power with gentleness and diplomacy. Twos are blessed with the resiliency and flexibility that few possess; they can recover from anything! They are natural peacekeepers, bringing harmony into families and society.

Twos are highly devoted to their loved ones but expect the same in return. The duality of their nature makes them as formidable an enemy as they were as a devoted friend. When betrayed, their diplomacy turns to manipulation, and their gentleness turns to vengeance.

Twos need deep inner work to deal with jealousy and betrayal without making the world burn.

Angel Number 3

If you have a life Path Number of three, you have the charisma of a socialite. You navigate life collecting many admirers with loads of charisma, energy, and charm. Threes have an innate artistic nature which often expresses itself as a skilled wordsmith and communicator.

Sales, business, and art are often lucrative career choices for successful threes. Threes struggle with discipline and often scatter their energy among various projects, burning out without achieving much.

A great sense of humor and wit will ensure that you have a large circle of friends, but Threes need to focus on creating a small circle of close relationships as they run the risk of having a large number of superficial friends.

Angel Number 4

Stability is the hallmark of those with a Life Path Number of Four. Patient, dependable, disciplined, and organized, Fours are model employees and citizens. These hard workers solve problems by developing and following through with a plan.

They are not very creative or socially adept, and sudden, unplanned environmental changes can easily throw them off-kilter. They do not crave recognition but value results and achievements much more.

This rigid number needs to practice more flexibility and independence of thought. Life often throws unpredictable situations at us that ruin the best of plans. Fours need to be comfortable with making things up as they go along.

Angel Number 5

People with a life path number five are a bundle of energy and can weather change and adversity well. They crave freedom, independence, variety, and stimulation.

Unfortunately, Fives are not good judges of character and are drawn to unstable personalities. Building a trusted support structure of close family and friends that understand you and can offer guidance will be imperative.

Angel Number 6

The Life Path Number of Sixes represents the role of the caregiver. These individuals will find purpose in protecting and caring for their loved ones. One of the most important endeavors for people with Life Path Number six is building strong family ties.

Six represents the life path of the counselor, justice warrior, or advisor. The most significant lesson people with a Life Path Number need to learn is that they should choose people worthy of their talents. They have the risk of giving too much of themselves to toxic people.

Angel Number 7

Curiosity is the hallmark of the Sevens’ Life Path, and they possess the analytical mind to process information and find the connection between seemingly unrelated bits of information. This life path number has a strong philosophical pull, and they effortlessly balance logic, intellect, and creativity.

Angel Number 8

A Life Path Number of eight means that you place a lot of value on your career, and finances, striving towards positions of influence and authority. Eights are organized and efficient, and they view money as a measure of their success.

Even though Eights enjoy luxury and physical comfort, they equally value the spiritual aspects of life. They excel as counselors and coaches, offering their gift of practical spirituality to the world.

Eights should guard against becoming too egotistical and overly independent as this will lead to isolation

Angel Number 9

Nines are natural humanitarians.

Meanings For Angel Numbers Based On Your Life Path


No matter your angel number, it must make you sit up and notice. Your angel number may simply be a lucky number that tends to show up during your lifetime, or it could be a number that shows up often in trying circumstances when decisions need to be made.

Your specific set of numerology numbers, such as your Soul Urge, Life Path, and Destiny Numbers, may appear when you need to remind yourself to stay on track in your life. It may not be science, but we like to think there are no coincidences in life.

Lisa is the founder of mindfulness and justice. She has practiced and studied numerology for the past 8 years and has now started to share her passion and knowledge.

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